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Daijah Wright: Facts about Eazy-E Daughter

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Images of the celebrity daughter of Tomica Woods-Wright and Rapper, Eazy E

Daijah Wright is the celebrity daughter of Tomica Woods-Wright and well-known late record producer and rapper Eazy-E. She is a rapper, singer, and famously known after appearing in the Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 premiere.

Know everything about this adorable lady in this review.

Who is Daijah Wright? Age and Early Life

Daijah Wright is the child of the late record producer and rapper Eric Lynn Wright, famously known as Eazy-E, and Tomica Wright, his 5th wife.

Wright was born in September 1995. As of 2021, Daijah is 26 years old. Her birth sign is Virgo.

Her father, Eazy-E passed away of cancer; later, Daijah was also diagnosed with cancer.

Further information about her childhood days is hidden from the public eye.

Daijah Wright’s Parents only stayed married for 12 days

The rapper Eazy-E wedded Tomica Woods only 12 days after he was diagnosed with AIDS. After Eric tied a knot with Tomica, he left his organization in her grasp. This speedy marriage has powered trick and murder hypotheses upheld by Eazy E’s kids.

The rapper had been experiencing a drawn-out cold while on a special visit with Ice Shape, and specialists determined him to have AIDS and acute pneumonia.

Three weeks after his underlying conclusion, Eazy-E was dead, and his little girl, the producer Ebie Wright, 27, is resolved to make quick work of his inexplicable death.

Ebie’s doubts fall on her stepmother, Tomica Woods-Wright, who was granted control of Eazy-E’s domain even though they were hitched for under about fourteen days.

Eazy-E’s long-term colleague Jerry Heller concurs with Ebie that the rapper’s demise was sudden and dubious.

Daijah Wright mother, Tomica Woods 

Tomica Wright, Daijah’s mother, was born on 7th December 1969, in the U.S.A. Tomica is a film producer and an entrepreneur as well. She came into the spotlight after she became the C.E.O. of Ruthless Records, the record label. The record company was formerly controlled by Eazy-E, her husband, until his death. In a short time of 2 years, Tomica grew up the company by managing it well and expanding it. Her work for the company is appreciable.

Tomica Wright spent her childhood days in California. Talking about her education, she joined San Fernando Valley for high school. After she enrolled, she attended Santa Monica for her college. Later, she transferred to West of Los Angles. Tomica had a passion for working in the film industry. She dreamed of serving for the entertainment.

After graduation, Tomica started to work in various production houses. Tomica stepped into the music industry by working with Tabu records. For the first, she worked under the guidance of Clarence Avant. Tomica collected a lot of experience to be a proficient person in the music industry. Her experience led her to be successful in Ruthless company records.

Daijah Wright's mother, Tomica Wright
A film producer and an entrepreneur, Tomica Woods

Daijah Wright siblings

According to reporters, Daijah’s father had 11 childrens in total from 5 different women.

Here we have collected some information about Daijah’s siblings.

Lil Eazy-E

Who brought Eric Wright, Jr. into the world in 1984. The Jasmine Report clarifies that Eazy-E’s widow, Tomika Woods-Wright, issuing the late Eazy-E’s child, Lil Eazy-E.

Erin Bria Wright

Her original name was Erin. However, she, at last, transformed it to Ebie. Last year, she stood out as genuinely newsworthy for attempting to deliver a narrative about her dad named A Merciless Outrage: No More Lies.

Dominick Wright

He’s an entertainer. His mom is Tomika Woods-Wright. He was 2 years old when Eazy kicked the bucket.

Marquise Wright

In 2015, he became more friendly, uncovering his conviction that Suge Knight killed Eazy by contaminating him with H.I.V. stage name of Marquise is Yung Eazy.

Baby Eazy-E

Child Eazy-E engaged in the rap game when he was just 8-years of age and had been buckling down from that point forward.

Raven Wright

The rapper’s seventh youngster has figured out how to avoid the spotlight.

Elijah Wright

The kid would strait be able to circle!

David Wright

Like Raven and Marquise, David has had the option to avoid the spotlight.

Daijah Wright looking happy with her brothers
Daijah Wright and her siblings

Daijah’s Father Eazy-E 

Eazy-E, the father of Daijah Wright, started his professional career in recording during thе 1980ѕ. In the year 1987, Eazy bесаmе а member оf N.W. along with other group members including, Dr. Drе, МС Rеn, Ісе Сubе, аnd DЈ Yеllа.

Не began to rесоrd wіth hіѕ maate Јеrrу Неllеr. Heller hаd invested 20% оf thе ѕhаrеѕ аnd around 80% was by Еrіс. His company “Ruthlеѕѕ Rесоrdѕ” was continued by his wife Tomica after his death. Eazy debuted through ‘Еаzу Duz”, a music album rеlеаѕеd іn 1988. His debuted album became a hit, and he gained a huge success

Eazy-E was popularly named the ‘Godfather of Gangsta Rap.’ Eazy-e preferred a solo performance. Eazy-E was also a member of the hip-hop group N.W.A. Еrіс lost his life with AIDS. Eazy-E took his final breath in the year 1995. At the age of 30, he passed away. . Eazy-E hаd mаnу kids frоm different girls. In his lifetime, he was in 5 other relationships. Eric was married just 12 days before for the last time.

Eazy E, father of Daijah Wright
A deceased famous rapper, Eazy E

Daijah Wright Net Worth and Career

Daijah has likewise been featured in the Season 3 debut of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. Artist Da Brat collaborates with unbelievable hip jump supervisor Debra Antney to make an Artist Boot Camp intended to help cultivate and advance youthful melodic ability in Atlanta. Subsequently, they try out this splendid new star depicted by the little girl of the late N.W.A. rap artist Eazy-E.

The net worth of Daijah is estimated to be around 1 million USD. The primary source of her net worth is from her father’s net worth, whose net worth was estimated to be between 8-50 million USD.

Social Media Activities

Daijah is active in social media. She holds an Instagram account with the account name “@iamremarkable” Daijah has a 212K fan following as of July 2021.

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