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Who is Dan Cummins wife? His Net Worth and Kids 

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Image of famous American Comedian, Dan Cummins

The mystical stories of Ghosts and deaths from Dan Cummins have kept everyone occupied us for a decade. This American Comedian has amused us with hundreds of stories from the past. But have you ever heard a love story of Dan Cummins himself? Let’s find out if it’s equally interesting as that of serial killers.

Dan Cummins wife, Lynze Cummins

In 2012, Dan Cummins was still in anxiety after the failure of his first marriage. While he had loosed hope of immortal love, he found Lynze Cummins. Lynze, a very talented customer designer from Los Angeles, made a quick impression in Dan’s mind. They started dating each other, opening their relationship in public. After four years of love, the duo tied their knot in a small ceremony on the 13th of August, 2016. Since the marriage, they have been living together in Kootenai County, Idaho.

Image of famous American Comedian, Dan Cummins and wife
Famous American Comedian, Dan Cummins, and wife, Lynze Cummins

Before the marriage, Lynza used to live in Los Angeles. She is also noted to work in a television series titled ‘Supergirl.’ Now, we can see Lynze in some of Dan’s podcasts.

Dan Cummins mystery ex-wife

The wonderful storyteller Cummins actually kept a hidden marriage from the public. Earlier, he was married to a mystery woman who gave first to two children. Unfortunately, the couple separated in the year 2009. We never knew who this girl was.

Dan Cummins Kids

Dan does not have any kids with his present wife, Lynza. Both his Children, a son, and a daughter, were born from the previous mystery wife. The eldest son Tyler Cummins is in high school, whereas his two years younger sister Monroe Cummins is still in school.

One of the Cummins Instagram posts said, “Happy Mother’s Day to my wife Lynze – in the running for Best Stepmom on the planet every year since I met her almost a decade ago. Kyler, Monroe, and I are truly lucky to have her!”.

It seems like Dan has full custody of the children.

Net Worth

Dan Cummins started his career as a Comedian in 2000. In the last two decades, he released many comedy albums and worked as a producer, actor, and podcast host. All this work has helped him accumulate a net worth of $800 thousand.

Age, and Wiki-Bio

Born on the 17th of May 1977, USA, Dan was raised in Riggins, Idaho. He joined the University of Gonzaga to get a degree in Psychology. After that, he worked as a family counselor. But his job didn’t do him any good. Then, Cummin started to put on some show for stand-up comedy at Laughs comedy café.

In 2001, Cummins’s life turned around when he got to be a runner at Seattle comedy. Later in 2006, Cummin got to make his first television performance on Comedy Central. His debut at network television with Craig Ferguson was also a big hit. He continued to give stand-up performances until 2009 when he was first seen in Byron Allen’s Comedy episode. The same year, he released this first nationally dispensed comedy CD. The show made it to the 7th position at Billboard Comedy Charts.

In 2016, he started hosting “Timesuck” and a top-rated Podcast show. Dan’s Instagram account has 72.5k followers.

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