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Dan Katz “Big Cat” Wife, Net Worth, Family

Image of the famous podcast host of "Pardon My Take", Dan Katz

Dan Katz, also known as Big Cat, was born on January 30, 1985, across an American Jewish household. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree. Learn more about Dan Katz and his wife. Also, reveal key facts like age, net worth, and family about Big Cat in this eye-catching review.

Is Dan Katz Married or Dating a Girlfriend?

The American blogger, writer, and the famous podcast host of the Pardon My Take, Dan Katz(Big Cat), has a mystery woman he refers to as a lady cat.

He is very secretive, especially about his personal life. Maybe he is just trying to protect his lady love from negative media coverage. It’s a bit strange that still, over the years, no media outlet has ever succeeded in finding the actual name of his partner.

The pair seems to be enjoying their space as a private couple and are rarely seen together in public. Dan Katz, however, is with the same women for many years now, and it’s safe to say that he has found the one.

Everyone believed Lady cat was just his girlfriend until he revealed she was pregnant with their firstborn. Many of his fans and some websites claim that Dan Katz is a happily married man to his wife.

Occasionally, Dan shares pictures of his wife alongside their dog and kids on his Instagram account.

Image of the famous podcast host of "Pardon My Take", Dan Katz and his partner

The renowned blogger, writer, and podcast host of “Pardon My Take,” Dan Katz and his partner.

Dan Katz is the Father of Two Children

Big Cat broke the internet when he finally made his relationship official when he announced his partner was having his first child in his Instagram post in March 2019.

He and his partner were blessed with a healthy son on June 19, 2019. Dan wants his kid to live a very normal life, so he hasn’t revealed much about his son and addresses him as a Lil cat.

Like any other first-time parent, Dan became vulnerable when he posted about him not cracking any jokes and crying a bit at the time of his son’s delivery. Recently on May 21, he was blessed with a princess, and yes, he did admit crying again on his Instagram post.

Image of the famous podcast host of "Pardon My Take", Dan Katz and his daughter

The famous podcast host of “Pardon My Take,” Dan Katz and his second child.

He even expressed his worries about explaining to his son that he is no more the only child. Hope that went smoothly, and the sibling rivalry didn’t become a thing.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Katz is one of the early members of Barstool and is believed to be the company’s stakeholder. From the podcast and celebrates interview, his net worth is calculated to be around $2 million.

He has a solid social media presence with 738k followers on Instagram as of 2021. He earns a hefty sum from Instagram too.

Dan Katz Parents and Siblings

Katz was raised in Wisconsin by his parents. Most of his cousins were from Chicago, so he did spend most of his childhood there too. From a young age, Dan was into sports and supported the Chicago team.

Despite being in the public eye, there is no much information on his parents and siblings; thus, he doesn’t like to keep his personal life in the limelight. Since Dan is very reserved for his family, it makes us eager to know more. Hopefully, someday he’ll be willing to let us all in his private world.

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