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Meet Danny Gokey Wife Leyicet Peralta

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Image of American model, Leyicet Peralta

The beautiful American model Leyicet Peralta has appeared on many reality shows and fashion platforms. These stunningly beautiful women competed for Model Latina in 2008. But her real fame rose from the marriage with Danny Gokey, the former American Idol finalist. Her husband is a famous American singer and music director. Well, we already know about Danny Gokey, this article is about his wife, Leyicet Peralta.

Who is Leyicet Peralta? Early Life and Parents

Leyicet was born to a very prosperous family in Miami, Florida. Born on March 22, 1986, Peralta is now in her mid-30s. Her father encouraged her to study Journalism even after the birth of her first child. Leyicet is very close to her parents and adores their role in her life. The names of her parents are still private.

Leyicet Peralta Wiki-Bio

Peralta graduated from the city of Florida in Journalism. But she failed to pursue her profession as a journalist. So, Peralta switched her carrier to model.

In 2008, Leyicet was seen competing for Model Latina. Some of her TV reality acts are A Model Recap and Ugly Beauty. Peralta’s other successful shows are Jessy’s Girl and different parts of On-Call.

Leyicet Peralta Husband and Kids

Back in 2011, Gokey had finally recovered from the loss of his first wife and ready to go back on the game. At the same time, he saw Peralta’s profile on Twitter and tried to reach her out. Soon, the couple started to see each other. In less than a year, they announced their engagement via a social media platform.

On December 25, 2011, Gokey kneeled before Leyicet over a beautiful dinner in Miami. After a so-called “fairy tale” engagement, they got married within a month in Florida. They celebrated their big day with friends and friends in an intimate ceremony. The couple donated all of their gifts to the Sophia Heart Foundation and flew off to the Dominican Republic. Then as people say, they lived “happily ever after.”

Now, the couple has been blessed with four beautiful kids. Their first child, Daniel Emanuel Gokey, was born in 2013. A year later, they were blessed with another beautiful daughter Victoria Isabella Gokey. The last child Gabriel Daniel Gokey is now four years old.

Image of American model, Leyicet Peralta and husband and kids

Beautiful American model, Leyicet Peralta, and husband, Danny Gokey and their kids.

Leyicet Peralta Age, Height and Weight

5 feet 7 inches tall, Leyicet is now 64 kgs. Her deep blue eyes and blond hair suit perfectly to her body. Her Twitter account @leyicet has almost 4k followers, and a Facebook account has 14.3k followers.

Leyicet Peralta Net Worth and Social Media

Leyicet earns about $50k per year from her work as a model and reality star. Peralta has a net worth of around $100 thousand. Her husband Danny also enjoys the fortune of about $600 thousand.

Leyicet is very active in social media, with 32k followers on Instagram. She often posts about her husband and kids going out and enjoying their life.

Indeed, we wish Danny Gokey and her wife a wonderful Journey ahead in life.

Image of American model, Leyicet Peralta and husband

Renowned model and the wife of famous American Idol finalist Danny Gokey, Leyicet Peralta.

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