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Who is Davey Havok’s Wife/Girlfriend? Tattoos

Image of American actor, fashion designer, author, and musician, Davey Havok

Davey Havok, also known as David Paden Marchand, is an American actor, fashion designer, author, and musician who sings as the lead for bands such as AFI, XTRMST, Dreamcar, and Black Audio. Do you know that Davey Havok’s in a relationship with his girlfriend? Get to know about the lucky girl.

Havok lost his father at the tender age of five and continued living with his mother in Sacramento, California. After his mother remarried, he continued living with his mother and stepfather. He later went to a Catholic school.

Further, in life, his family moved to Ukiah, California, in the 1980s, after which he completed his high school education at Ukiah High School. Havok enrolled in Berkeley for further studies.

After his sophomore year, his music career began with AFI, and the rest is history.

Love Life

Although known for being an outspoken and open-minded person, Havock prefers keeping his personal life private and mysterious.

Even amongst all the secrets, the internet seems to be a step ahead.

There have been a few pictures of Havok with women floating here and there, although it hasn’t been officially confirmed or publicly admitted on being accurate.

For curious fans, his love life still seems to be a big question mark.

Is Davey Havok Married to a Wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

Sourcing the magazine Famous Fix, Davey Havok’s allegedly in a relationship with his girlfriend, Brittany Bowen. She is an Alternative American model who was born on January 1, 1984, in Hawaii.

Image of American actor, fashion designer, author, and musician, Davey Havok and his girlfriend

American actor, and musician, Davey Havok, and his girlfriend.

The couple began seeing each other romantically in 2006 and have been together ever since. Even though Havok does not publicly confirm this, the two are often seen together, shopping, in amusement parks, and spending time.

Netizens have also seen pictures of these two, kissing, which has fueled several discussions on this private affair. For the most part, Davey Havok’s girlfriend seems to be deeply in love with her versatile boyfriend.

Davey Havok’s Previous Relationships

Although the celebrity has kept all of his romantic relationships private from the world, neither publicly accepting nor denying rumors surrounding him and his alleged partners.

But according to some sources, Havok has been in almost four official relationships. However, most of their official identities aren’t confirmed.

The only relationship seen by the public eye was Havok’s 2013 relationship with Monica Parker, an actress. Unfortunately, the couple got engaged in the 2nd year of their dating but called it off a year later.

Ever since Davey has allegedly been in a relationship with Brittany Bowen.

Is Davey Havok Gay? His Age and Date of Birth

From looks and style, people are usually quick to judge celebrities or even just ordinary people according to the standards they consider normal, and Davey is no exception to the eyes of our society.

Davey Havok, born November 20, 1975, celebrated his 45th birthday last year. Although being born and identifying himself as a man, there are often discussions on Havok’s sexuality.

Due to his long hair, makeup and earrings, Davey is often rumored to be gay or bisexual. But that is not true at all.

His fellow friend, and guitarist of AFI, Jade, have posted time and again where he confirms the sexuality of his friend as straight.

Ultimately, how one decides to style oneself doesn’t reflect on their sexuality. Davey Havok is heterosexual despite his ever-evolving looks.

Davey Havok’s Tattoos

Over the years, Davey Havok has had many different tattoos adorn his body. From the flaming heart on his chest to the black wings covering most of his back, Havok has always opened himself to different prospects as he changes as a person.

In recent years, it appears that he has covered up the majority of his arm sleeve tattoo. In an interview with Nikki Sixx, he expressed that those tattoos started being the cause of his unhappiness in the following years.

He said that he had outgrown the meaning and cultural representation of those tattoos from that time. They represented something which he was no longer a part of formerly.

Combined with the influence of the blacking out sleeve tattoos trend from the 90s, the singer had made a decision. Although most of the tattoo is unclear and erased, some of it remains, acting as a reminder of how Havok will continuously evolve through time.

Image of American musician, Davey Havok

American musician, Davey Havok, covered with tattoos.

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