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DC Young Fly Wife to be Ms Jacky Oh and Kids.

Rapper John Whitefield aka DC Young fly

John Whitfield Aka DC Young Fly (born on May 2, 1992) is a 29 year-old-rapper, Youtuber, and comedian. At the start, Young worked as a vine content creator. Moreover, he is currently going out with MS  Jacky Oh. Interestingly, John’s girlfriend, MS Jacky Oh, is two years older than him.

Young Fly gained recognition as a vine comedian before his appearance in Wild n’ Out and TRL. Though the vine platform collapsed,  Fly was able to stay on his feet. Now, this young rapper/actor is living the American dream along with his wife-to-be, MS Jacky Oh.

29 years old, DC Young Fly is very active on social media, with 11million followers on Instagram. And 3 million+ followers on Facebook and 561K+ followers on Twitter.

Young first saw Oh while they were both working on Wild N’ Out. According to Jacky Oh, it was his ‘Swag’ that attracted her. And they eventually started dating in 2015. Dive in to get more ideas about his longtime girlfriend, MS Jacky Oh, and kids.

DC Young Fly’s Girlfriend MS Jacky Oh.

MS Jacky Oh was born on the 3rd of November 1990, in California. Moreover, she is a native of Oakland. Presently, Jacky Oh is 31 years old. Her nationality is American. Jacky’s ethnicity is of mixed heritage. Other than that, she is of mixed race as far as her ethnicity is related.

Her dad is an Afro-American man, while her mother hails from Brazil. She has curly hair, and her eye color is grey.

MS Jacky Oh is a television personality, businesswoman, and social media expert. Additionally, Jacky Oh was once a student at the University of California, Berkeley.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about Jacky Oh before her Wild N’ Out appearance.

MS Jacky Oh launched her youtube career in 2009, where She has over 750K followers. She posts vlogs about how her day is going on the channel. Jacky Oh persistently posts videos with her daughters and husband.

Jacky Oh has a strong fan following. With over 99K+ followers on her Facebook page. And 850K+ followers on Instagram.

Along with her youtube channel and social media accounts, MS Jacky Oh founded a lip-gloss line named J Nova Collection in 2019. Jacky Oh also peddles beauty products (liners and lashes) on her personal website, As of 2021, Ms. Jacky Oh’s net worth is reported to be $191K.

Image of DC Young fly and his girlfriend
Rapper, DC Young fly and his girlfriend, MS Jacky Oh


After dating for one and a half years, Rapper DC Young Fly and his wife to be introduced young Nova Whitfield to the world on October 20, 2016. Fast forward 4 years, On August 7, 2020, MS Jacky Oh gave birth to another child, Nala. Together the four of them are living the time of their life.

The couple loves their daughters more than anything in the world. And Young Fly is keen on making more of these lovable little people. In an Instagram post, DC revealed that he wants more kids.

The older child Nova already has an Instagram account with 165K followers and a youtube channel. At the age of 5, young Nova is already a celebrity.

Image of DC Young fly and his family
Dc Young fly, his wife, MS Jacky Oh, and children (Nova and Nala)

Quick Facts about MS Jacky Oh

Full Name

MS Jacky Oh


November 3, 1990

Birth Place

Oakland, California






University of California, Berkeley


DC Young Fly


Nova Whitfield Nala Whitfield


Actor, Model, Youtuber

Net Worth

$191,000 estimate

Social Media

Jacky Oh (Instagram) Msjackyoh (Facebook)

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