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Deanna Burditt (Rick Burditt Wife) Age, Biography and Wikipedia

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Image of Deanna Burditt

Becoming a celebrity spouse is the same as being a celebrity itself. When it comes to any celebrity relationship, people’s attention is always peaked. Here we have brought you the biography of such famous spouse Deanna Burditt, who has kept out of the spotlight until now.

Who Is Deanna Burditt? Wiki-Bio

Mainly known as Rick Harrison’s wife, Deanne Burditt is a legal assistant. The celebrity spouse is well educated and works in a respected position. But unfortunately, what Mrs. Burditt loves most is her privacy. Name and fame never seem to have attracted her.

Also, one of the things that people admire about her is how she has managed to keep her personal information hidden from the paparazzi up to this point. So because of this reason, all the details about her early life have remained behind closed doors. But some reports claim that her father was a lawyer, but we cannot be sure about it.

Age and Birthday

Deanna Burditt’s age is said to be 42 years old. Her birthday is not mentioned on the internet; however, we believe she was born in the late 1970s. Further, she holds American nationality and was born in a family with white ethnic background.

Married Life and Wedding With Her Husband, Rick Harrison

Mr. and Ms. Burditt have a very fanatic love story. Deanna has been a very private person and is seen to circulated very little information in the media about her personal life. However, Rick is ambitious and aspirational. When he proposed to Deanna on Valentine’s Day, he seems to express his undying love even to the media. He exclaimed that “He is the happiest person and is living his dream of being engaged to Deanna.”

Though Rick seems to be a very romantic person, his proposal was very simple where he just handed the ring to Deanna and asked her to marry him. In July 2013, the duo, later on, organized a huge wedding in California where they invited over 180 guests, including different stars. Rick was the brain of the Wedding and personally managed all the details.

Rick enjoys being in the spotlight, and the publicity, whereas Deanna is more of a reserved person with private life. Despite the fact that the couple has been married for over a decade, their love is as fresh as when they first met.

Deanna Burditt smiling with her husband rick
Legal assistant, Deanna Burditt, and her husband, Rick Burditt.

Deanna Burditt Husband Rick Harrison Was Previously Married Twice

The TV star Rick Burditt was already divorced twice when he met his current wife, Deanna. However, Rick was not the only one who had been married and divorced twice; Deanne had also been married and divorced twice. The couple has opted not to have children together because Deanna has three girls from her prior relationship, and Rick, too, has three sons from a previous connection.

As of today, they claim that they believe their family is already sustained. Furthermore, no information about the pair’s prior relationships has been published in the media.

Does Deanna Burditt Have Kids?

Deanna is a very withheld person; it has been known that she is the proud mother of 3 beautiful daughters from her prior two marriages. In an interview, Rick humorously mentioned that Deanna has three daughters and he has three sons, which completed their family altogether. It has been rumored that her daughters are pretty similar to her in appearance and have the same stunning smile that their mother beholds.

Deanna Burditt in wedding dress with her husband and kids
Legal assistant, Deanna Burditt, and her husband, and kids.

Deanna Burditt Husband Rick Harrison

His real name is Richard Kevin Harrison. Born on 22nd March 1965, 56 years old, Rick is an eminent personality of the American TV world. Likewise, Mr. Burditt has always been concerned with financial well-being. He even left his education to flourish his business at a young age.

Now, he is well-recognized for owning a Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. He even got an opportunity to be on a reality TV show called ‘Pawn Stars.’ In addition to this, he has also made an appearance on multiple other TV shows like ‘I Lost My Head in Vegas,’ The Middle to name a few.

Also, not to forget, Rick is an author as well. His biography Licence to Pawn: Deals, Steals and My Life at the Gold & Silver was a big success. With his lucrative career, the businessman has acquired a massive net worth of $9 million. His earnings are based upon his business and his TV career.

Net Worth

Though we don’t have much information on Deanna’s work, we can tell she lives a fulfilling life. According to sources, her net worth is $250,000. Her income is dependent on her profession as a legal secretary.

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