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Deborah Mays (Joe Namath Ex-Wife) Age, Children, Husband, and Wiki Bio

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Image of an American TV series actress, Deborah Mays

A model turned actress, Deborah Mays is an American TV series actress. She was born in Remington, Indiana, USA. She has done several photoshoots as a model and acted in television series as an actress.

We will explore her love life, marriage, career, and children in this article. As a celebrity, Deborah Mays’s life and activities are of public interest. So, in this eye-catching review, let’s learn some intriguing facts about Deborah Mays, including her age, children, spouse, and professional endeavors.

Who Is Joe Namath’s Ex-Wife, Deborah Mays?

Deborah Mays was born in Indiana, the USA, on September 1, 1964. She will turn 57 in 2021. Born as Deborah Lynn Mays, the actress is famous as Deborah Mays in the glamour and entertainment industry. She is a Virgo by birth and an attractive lady.

Although she is a public figure, information about her educational background is unclear. It looks like she devoted herself entirely to the modeling and acting career and did not go for any higher education. But it is only an assumption.

Her career as a model and actor has been a huge success. She has done several successful photoshoots during her career. In addition, as a successful model, she has done various brand endorsements.

Mays has made it big even after switching careers from modeling to acting. She has been a part of the hit television show, The Greatest American Hero.

Deborah Mays Husband and Relationships

Deborah was in a relationship with Joe Namath, whom she married in 1984. Joe Namath is an American Football player. Unfortunately, their married life could not sustain, and they divorced in 2000. The reasons for their divorce are said to be Namath being an alcoholic and his behavior towards her. They also had an age difference. Joe was almost twice her age.

Her relationship status now is as a divorcee. Although she is a public figure, she has maintained a distance from social media. She shares nothing of her personal and professional life these days.

The couple was in the limelight and liked by many. Deborah as a successful model and actress, and Joe as a star professional American football player, both had a huge fan following then. People were crazy about their skills in their field and loved what they did. They were excellent not only as an actor and a player but also as a couple. However, their married life, sadly, did not work that long. So, they got divorced.

Image of an American TV series actress, Deborah Mays and husband
An American TV series actress, Deborah Mays, and her husband, Joe Namath

After getting divorced, Deborah has kept herself mostly away from the public eye. Her last screen appearance was in a documentary, Namath, in 2012.

A Little More About Joe Namath

Joe Namath was born in Pennsylvania, the USA, on May 31, 1943. As a professional American football player, Namath played as a quarterback. He played 13 seasons of the national football league and the American football league with the New York Jets.

Although he was an American football star, he played and mastered other sports like basketball and baseball. He was a complete athlete.


Deborah and Joe have two children as a couple. The first one, Jessica Grace Namath, was born in 1986, and the second one, Olivia Rose Namath, was born in 1991. Jessica is also an American actress and is married to Brian Kennedy.

Image of an American TV series actress, Deborah Mays and family
Actress Deborah Mays and her husband, Joe Namath, with their two children.

Age and Date Of Birth

Deborah Mays is 56 years old as of June 2021. She was born in Indiana, the USA, on September 1, 1964.

Net Worth

As she keeps most of her personal and professional life private, there is no apparent source of her net worth. However, different online sources speculate about her net worth. If we believe those sources, she is worth $18 million now.

Although she keeps herself away from the media, there are occasional rumors and talks about her. But those are only the rumors, and nobody knows what the truth is. Whatever it is, she is a talented model and actress.


NameDeborah Mays
Real NameDeborah Lynn Mays
Date of BirthSeptember 1, 1964
Place of BirthRemington, Indiana, USA
ProfessionModel, Actress
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandJoe Namath
ChildrenJessica and Olivia

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