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Deiondra Sanders Age and Bio-Facts Deion Sanders’ Daughter

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Image of Deiondra Sanders

Deiondra Sanders, mostly recognized as the daughter of sensational American football and baseball player, American Football Hall of Fame enlisted Deion Sanders. Deion Sanders is a role model for many emerging athletes all over the globe. Though he was at the top in his career, earned millions of dollars and undefined fame, his marital life was struggling. However, he had taken adequate care of his progenies, and all of them have achieved enough success to make him a proud father.

Going through this article, you will find about her family life, relationship with her father and family members, and her career.

Who is Deiondra Sanders?

Deiondra, an entrepreneur, is the daughter of Deion Sanders and a terrific American athlete. She is also a rising reality star and has made her appearance in various reality shows.

Deiondra Sanders Age and Birthday

Deiondra, born in Atlanta, Georgia, on 17 April 1992, is currently 29 years old.


Deiondra Sanders looking hot in green light bekini
Terrific American athlete, Deiondra Sanders.

Deiondra Sanders Parents: Deion Sanders and Carolyn Chambers 

Deiondra is the daughter of noteworthy athletes of twentieth-century Deion Sanders and Carolyn Chambers. Dating history of them is not found. They got married in 1989 and gave birth to two children: Deiondra and Deion Sanders Junior. As their marriage relationship didn’t go well, eventually, they had a divorce in 1998 while Deiondra was six years old. After their divorce, both children lived with their father, Deion.

Not so much is known about her mother’s history and professional life. However, her father, Deion, enlisted in the Pro-football Hall of Fame is regarded as the 100 Great Athletes of the Century by Times Magazine. He was welcomed on earth on 9 August 1967 in Florida, USA. He started his career at Florida State University, where he won the conference championship as a freshman.

In his career, he played in clubs like Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, and Baltimore Ravens. He is the most electrifying athlete who had played both football world series and baseball SuperBowl simultaneously. Deion is the most valuable player in National Football League in1997. He signed a contract with Dallas Cow-boys Football Club in 1995 for 35 million US$ for seven years. There, he helped the Cowboys to win the 3rd super Bowl title.

Though his professional life is a huge success, his family life is always terrible. Recently, he published a biography entitled Power, Money, and Sex. It’s his personal journey about how he couldn’t use the money he earned in the right place. Eventually, the money almost got him destroyed.

Her Siblings 

Deiondra has four siblings; a brother Deion Junor, two half-brothers Shilo and Shedeur, and a half-sister Shelomi. She has a balanced relationship with all her siblings to this date. All of her brothers are professional American football players and are following their father’s pathways. Deion Junior is a cornerback and wide receiver for Southern Methodist University and has around 5 million dollars.

Her half-brothers Shilo and Shedeur also play as a cornerback in South Carolina Gamecocks football team and quarterback, respectively. Shedeur is studying at Trinity Christian School.

Her half-sister Shelomi is an actress who had featured in Prime Time Love (2008).

Deion is a loving father for all his kids. A recent photo of him with his children is public on social media. He has supported his children in the career they are pursuing. Deion is proud of his children.

Deiondra’s father, Deion Sanders, has married again after a divorce. After Deion’s first marriage came to an end in 1998, he then married Pilar Sanders in 1999. They together welcomed three children; Shilo, Sheloni, and Shedur Sanders. However, this marriage also didn’t turn out to be the perfect one. Eventually, they divorced in 2013 with allegations of infidelity and abuse. Their pre-marital agreement is the primary cause of their divorce.

After that, Deion is in a relationship with Tracey Edmonds, an award-winning film producer. Although highs and lows had occurred in their alliance, they are still together. On Valentine’s Day of 2019, they together announced their engagement. However, they haven’t confirmed the date of their marriage till this date.

Deiondra Sanders with her family
Terrific American athlete, Deiondra Sanders, and her father, Deion Sanders and her family.


Deidra started her career as a reality star through her debut at Paradise Hotel. After that, she appeared in Prime Time Love along with her family members and also in Deion’s Family Playbook and Deion. As an entrepreneur, she founded “Love Me Extensions,” the hair addition line, and also owned online shoe mart “House of Sole.” She is also the co-founder of “Anything is Possible Foundation.”

Her Relationships

Recently, Deiondra is single. She had previously dated and loved hip hop star Nia Riley in 2011. Unfortunately, Nia cheated on her and started her affair with Al Harford, the NBA player. And their relationship came to an end.

Social Media Activities

She is pretty sensational for social media sites. She has 125k followers on Instagram and 35k followers on Twitter.

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