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Devin Haney Net Worth, Record, Age, Dad

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Images of boxer, Devin Haney

To be successful in life, one does not need to be intellectually brilliant. One only needs to follow their passion and stay committed to it. We may attain heights of accomplishment at an early age if we do so. Devin Haney is one such renowned individual who has achieved great success by pursuing his passion. He pursued his passion for boxing and is currently regarded as one of America’s youngest professional boxers. So, now let’s know everything about him.

Who is Devin Haney?

Devin Haney is a well-known boxer who rose to prominence at an early age. Even though he is just in his early twenties, his achievements deserve to be admired. Raised in Las Vegas with his father, he began training for boxing at only seven years. And as of now, he is the most accomplished boxer in the United States.

Devin Haney Net Worth and Income Sources

Mr. Haney’s career earnings are much higher than anyone of his age. The boxing industry has completely embraced him and has provided him with massive fortune along with fame. The boxer has accumulated an enormous net worth of $5 million in 2020, and as of reports, in 2021, his net worth is asserted to be $6 million.

Further, he has his own promotional company, and he also gets sponsorships and brand partnerships, all of which add considerably to his enormous revenues. So with this, we have to say that Devin, as a professional boxer, is living an opulent lifestyle. The boxing star not only earns high but also believes in investing some of his income in charities.

How old is Devin Haney? Age

Born as David Miles Haney, the boxer is 22 years at present. He was born in California in the year 1998 and his birthday is celebrated on 17th November. In reference to his background, he came from incredibly supportive parents who encouraged his boxing career from an early age, where his father played a crucial role.

Career and record 

Known as ‘The Dream’ in the American boxing world, Devin is known for his undefeated WBC career. He has been boxing since the young age of 7 and became a professional boxer at just 16 years old. As the minimum age for boxing at professional is restricted to 18 years, he could not compete at any professional fights in the USA.

But he could not wait for even two years and went to Mexico to begin his professional career. His debut fight ended with a great victory, and he began gaining attention ever since. Before starting his professional career, he was a national junior amateur champion seven times.

Moreover, highlighting his career records, Haney has competed in 26 boxing fights until now and has won all 26 of them. Currently, the Ring Magazine has ranked him as the 4th best active lightweight boxer as of June 2021. Also, ESPN ranked him as the 5th best. He is ranked with multiple prestigious titles such as the ‘Youngest USBA Lightweight Champion,’ ‘US Junior National Championships Gold Medalist,’ ‘USA Junior Junior National Championships Silver Medalist’, to name a few.

Devin Dad Bill Haney and Parents

The boxer was born to his parents, April Clay (mother) and Bill Haney (father). His parents had parted ways after he was born, and his parents had a rough time then. There is very little information about the boxer’s mother as he has chosen to withhold most of the information to himself. It is believed that he did have an excellent relationship with his father.

His father always supported him with his training and struggles. He is seen to widely credit his father for being able to achieve his dream. Devin also said that it would not have been possible for him to be a renowned boxer if his father was not there. He always supported him with the small tactics and gameplay. In fact, it was his father who trained Devin for many years. However, he is now being taught by a different trainer as his father Bill retired from his career.

Devin Haney posing for photos with his father, Bill
America’s youngest professional boxers, Devin Haney, and his father, Bill Haney

Devin Haney Relationships

The boxer is said to be involved in a romantic relationship with Big Gigi at present. The pair have been dating since 2019. His girlfriend Gigi is an Instagram star. She also has a daughter from her past relationship. Before being with Big Gigi, Devin was dating Blac Chyna.

Their relationship raised a massive controversy in the media because of their huge gap of 11 years. The boxer is now said to be dating Jania Jackson in 2021. However, we are not sure if it is true. Thus, it can be deduced that he may be single as well or have a personal relationship with Jania, or is enjoying the lavish life of his bachelorhood

Devin Haney and his rumored girlfriend, Jania
America’s youngest professional boxers, Devin Haney, and his rumored girlfriend, Jania Jackson

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Haney’s physical appearance appears macho as he is from a boxing background. The boxer stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 71 kg. His fit body is widely praised, especially when he poses in front of the camera, flaunting his impressive six-pack abs.

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