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Devon Hales Age, and Biography

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Images of new talent in the Hollywood industry, Devon Hales

Devon Hales is one new talent in the Hollywood industry. You might be familiar with her if you are a binge-watcher, as she has appeared in the popular Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters. The actress had been struggling to make herself a better place in the industry and now had finally succeeded. Henceforth, we have brought you some insights into her age, career, and biography in this article.

Who is Devon Hales? Biography

Devon is a prominent actress who is known for appearing in “The Resident”, “Your Worst Nightmare”, “Stan Against Evil”, and many more. She is known for her amazing acting and performing skills. Furthermore, her fame has instantly risen after she has been in the Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters. Out of her many credits as an actress, the one in this series is widely acclaimed. She portrays the role of April Stevens in the series and has appeared in nine of the episodes to date. The show is premiered on August 14 and now is getting immense popularity these days. As per our research, she seems to be a reserved kind of person as nothing much is disclosed in the media about her personal life. She never mentions her parents and family and probably prefers to keep them out of the spotlight.

How old is Devon Hales? Age and Height

Many of us wonder about Devon’s age because she looks pretty young but has achieved quite a lot. We want you to know that she not just looks young but is actually young. The actress was born on December 5, 2000, and is just 20. Her age is quite unbelievable if we just look at her achievement. Moreover, she was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and has an American nationality. We are unsure about where she did her schooling, but she went to Georgia’s Kennesaw State University to pursue her B.A. degree in Theatre and Performance Studies. As for her height details, her official IMDb page has mentioned that she stands tall at the height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters).

Devon Hales career

As we talk about her career, we definitely have to proceed with a timeline. She initially begins her acting career in theatres, like many other actors. She took part in plays like Arms and the Man, Into the Woods, Shakespeare in Love, I and You, The Dancing Handkerchief, Appropriate, and The Light in the Piazza. Furthermore, she appeared in Swamp Murders in 2013, Stan Against Evil in 2016, and following the success, she got the role of April Stevens in the popular show Teenage Bounty Hunters.

The series is praised for the intense plot, and Devon’s role is particularly commended for how she has portrayed the role of a mean girl who has remained an antagonist throughout the season. However, there is sad news for its viewers that Netflix has canceled the show. In fact, after the cancellation news, viewers took it to Twitter to share the petitions for the re-launch of the show. Furthermore, after Teenage Bounty Hunters, she also appeared in the movie ICON, released in March 2021. In the movie, she is one of the lead roles alongside Parker Padgett.

Davon Hales looking beautiful in sexiest outfit
A new talent in the Hollywood industry, Davon Hales

Net Worth

Even at such a young age, Devon has acquired a great fortune for herself out of her career. Although she is a newbie in the industry, her worth is pretty fabulous. As per sources, the talented actress has an estimated net worth of around $200k. She definitely amassed this amount with her career that she has been working on since 2013. Also, being an actress is an asset to itself as you collaborate with many brands that pay you in return. Moreover, the public exposure you get after being an actress gradually enhances your worth.

Devon Hales loves to sing

Apart from being an actress, she is also fond of singing. We came to know about this as she has posted a video in her Instagram handle where we can see her singing with a guy in a legitimate stage. On the video, she wrote,

“Remember when singing wasn’t illegal? Yeah, me neither.”

Many of them have even praised her singing skills in the comments section. You, too, can check out her singing skills right here and decide to honor her.

Social Media Activities

Devon Hales is present on Instagram with more than 51.2k followers, and, amazingly, her Instagram account is already verified with a blue tick. She doesn’t seem highly active on the platform since she has only posted about 53 posts. Likewise, she is also on twitter with more than 14k followers but hasn’t been around the platform since February 2021.

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