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Dolores Rice: Age and Wikipedia-Facts about Andrew McCarthy Wife

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Facts about Andrew McCarthy Wife, Dolores Rice

Do you know Dolores Rice as a celebrity wife of actor Andrew McCarthy or an independent lady who was worked hard to make her career? Well, whatever way is acceptable to describe the multi-talented lady. She is widely known for being Pretty in Pink actor Andrew’s wife and is recognized as a writer, director, lecturer, and actress. No matter what, she has nailed every role of her life.

Henceforth, let’s explore her age and Wikipedia so that we can learn the secrets behind her successful marital and professional life.

Dolores Rice Age and Early Life

Andrew’s wife Dolores was born in the late 1970s, so her age might be running in the 40s. However, she has not yet revealed her actual age. While on the other hand, Andrew is 59 years of age, as he was born on November 29, 1962. Her parents raised her in Dublin, Ireland, and later, the entire family moved to the United States. So, she is an American woman who belongs to the Irish ethnicity. As for her education, she went to Ecole Florent School in Paris and later earned herself a diploma in acting in 1994.

Moreover, she also enrolled at Sorbonne University from 1993 to 1994. Furthermore, she got her BA in Philosophy and French from University College Dublin in 1995. Also, she pursued her Master’s degree in Philosophy, Theatre, and Performance in 1997 from Goldsmiths College.

Married life with her husband, Andrew McCarthy

The actress has been married to her devoted husband, Andrew McCarthy, for a very long time. Her husband Andrew also happens to be a professional actor who is currently 58 years of age. You must have seen him in Pretty in Pink, 13 Reasons Why, and many other shows. When Dolores was nine, she first saw Andrew when she was with her friend Erica Traynor in school.

Later they watched the film Catholic Boys, where Andrew was featured, and then she made up her mind that she would move to the US and pursue her acting career. Later, after moving to the US, she watched Andrew’s movie, News for the Church, and met him in the lobby.

However, Dolores moved to Dublin and didn’t contact her until Andrew emailed her to ask her for a date. Finally, they got married on August 28, 2011. Their marriage ceremony was held at Midtown Loft in New York. They love birds have been enjoying their one decade of togetherness without any signs of tensions till now.


Dolores Rice Children

Andrew McCarthy Wife is a mother to two of her children conceived with Andrew. However, she is also the step-mom of Sam McCarthy, who is Andrew and his first wife Carol Schneider’s son. The director gave birth to a daughter named Willow McCarthy and a son named Rowan McCarthy. Their firstborn child, Willow, was born in 2006 and is currently 15 years of age, whereas their second-born child Rowan is seven years old. Andrew’s son Sam and daughter Willow have both chased him following his footsteps. Hence, both of them are actors. Sam has featured in several TV series, but the most popular ones are “Dead To me” and “Condor.” Moreover, Willow has appeared in Matilda on Broadway.

Andrew McCarthy Wife, Dolores Rice Wikipedia, and Career

Dolores’s husband, Andrew McCarthy, has already made his name on the radar of Wikipedia. However, the actress is yet to be mentioned on the website. But it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t gained enough recognition as an actress. In fact, you might be amazed to read that she has a career in writing, theatre, teaching, actor, and whatnot. She wrote a screenplay “Faithful” for a biopic of Marianne Faithful, “The Old Woman and the Sea,” “Empty Sky,” and many more.

Furthermore, she also wrote a fictional novel named “The Beauty of Belonging.”

Dolores Rice, celebrity wife of actor Andrew McCarthy
Dolores Rice, Celebrity wife of actor Andrew McCarthy

The lady also directed a theatre play, “The Apology” in 2010, “Romance” and “The New Testament” in 2010. The versatile lady also worked as a lecturer in the English Department at Sorbonne University for a year and worked as a Master’s director and lecturer for University College, Dublin. Furthermore, Dolores enacted in a TV series “The Blacklist” and “All Square.”

Net Worth and Income

The multi-faceted personality Dolores certainly has a whopping net worth as she doesn’t settle down on less. From being a writer, lecturer, director to actor, she has amassed substantial money to make herself independent. As of 2021, the actress has accumulated more than $1 million as her net worth. Moreover, Andrew is worth $12 million.

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