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Dominique Wilkins Net Worth, Wife, Height 

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Images of best dunkers American Basketball, Dominique Walkins

Dominique Wilkins is considered one of the best dunkers American Basketball has ever got. Well, you might have enjoyed NBA matches till midnight and have argued with your friends concerning who is better and who is best. Then, it is certain that your friends might have told you about Dominique Wilkins, the eleventh highest points maker in NBA history. His net worth and wife.

Well, if not, here are the facts regarding Dominique Wilkins. In a few minutes, you will learn pretty much about Dominique Wilkins that you can boast to your friends about him. Check it out!

Dominique Wilkins Net Worth and Salary

 Dominique, born in January 12, 1960, in Paris, is currently 61 years old. Dominique’s total property valuation in 2021 is around 18 million dollars. He received much of his earnings from yearly contracts with various franchises. He is also involved in the managing committee of the Atlanta Hawks and generates additional revenue from there.

His wife, Robin Campbell Wilkins

 Dominique tied a knot of marriage with Robin Campbell in January of 2006. They first met in 2005 and started to date; they have three children. To this date, they are living happily, and even Dominique’s mother loves her new daughter-in-law.

Dominique Wilkins with his currents wife and children

Best dunkers of American Basketball, Dominique Wilkins and his current wife, Robin Campbell Wilkins, and his three children

Dominique Wilkins was married twice before Robin Campbell

 Before marrying Robin Campbell, Dominique married Nicole Berry and Sunny Wilkins.

He met Nicole in a donation program in Atlanta. They dated for 7 months and wed on 26 September 1992. They give birth to four daughters, Danielle, Chole, Alesandra, and Aiysha Wilkins. Their marriage relationship existed for a decade. The misunderstanding between Dominique’s mother and Nicole Berry forced him to divorce Nicole. Eventually, they divorced in 2003. After his divorce, he later married Sunny Wilkins, but their relationship didn’t last for a longer duration as Dominique’s mother didn’t like her too.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Dominique is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 104 kg. His magnificent height enables him to be one of the greatest basketball players and dunkers of all time. He black eyes suits with dark, handsome hair. 


He is one of the greatest basketball players America has ever got. He was selected in third place by Utah Jazz but didn’t want to play for Utah Jazz. So, Jazz exchanged Dominique with Atlanta Hawks for Drew, Williams, and 1 million dollars. There in the Atlanta Hawks, Dominique became the player ever to score the highest points total.

With 26,668 points secured throughout his NBA career of 17 years, he also became the 11th highest scorer and eventually got enlisted in the Basketball Hall of Fame. He played professional basketball mostly from Atlanta Hawks, and now, he is the Vice President of the Hawks Basketball Team for the consecutive ninth season. He was one of the greatest dunkers in American Basketball history and is often called “The Human Highlight Film.” He was also enlisted as NBA All-Star nine times, and this is a huge achievement. Moreover, he was also designated in the Boys and Girls Clubs. The club belonged to the America Alumni Hall of Fame.

Outside of the sports world, he is also affiliated to the Novo Nordisk as its Diabetes Ambassador.

He is really a true gem of sporting history and a role model for many youths across the globe. Though he didn’t win any titles for his team, he had won many of such titles for his hard work and tremendous dedication towards his profession.

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