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Donald Mustard Net Worth: His Brother, Age, Family

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Facts about Donald Mustard networth, and his family

Anyone who’s into the gaming world certainly knows the famous face of Donald Mustard. He is the video game developer of Epic Games. The developer has worked for numerous video games and has given us a source of entertainment. As his professional life and transparency in the media, many of his personal life details are still missing on the internet. Learn about his brother and family here.

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate what he has contributed to the gaming world and explore his exclusive facts like net worth, age, and relationship details.

Who is Donald Mustard? Family and Early life

Donald Mustard is a known name in the world of gaming as he is a game creator. Also, you might have heard his voice in the 2019 Star Wars: Episode IX, the Rise of Skywalker. He was born by his parents in Calgary, Canada, but their names are not revealed. However, he has a brother named Chad Mustard, a YouTuber and entrepreneur. Talking about his education, he went to Brigham Young University and obtained his academic degree in Digital Design from the School of Engineering and Technology. Nothing much about his early life is known, as he prefers to keep it out of the public attention.

Donald Mustard Net Worth and Income

Now, after you’ve known him as a game creator, director, and cinematographer, you must be wondering about his net worth. As Creative Director at Epic Games, he has an incredible fortune of more than $10 million. If you look at his lifestyle and living, we’re sure you’ll be able to assume his worth by yourself. Also, he hasn’t just been involved in one career but has invested his time and energy in various sectors.

How old is Donald Mustard? Age and Birthday

The video game creator, Donald Mustard, was born on August 15, 1976, so he is currently 45 years of age. As he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he has Canadian nationality, but he has been actively working in Canada and America. He probably spent most of his childhood in his birthplace, Calgary, Canada.

Donald Mustard’s Brother Chad Mustard is the owner of Mustard Plays.

Like we said earlier, his brother Chad Mustard is a YouTuber and entrepreneur. He owns the company Mustard Plays and also runs a successful YouTube channel. He started Blue Helm Communications in 2009 with Emory Cook and has worked with several companies. Also, he has served clients like Epic Games (Infinity Blade/ Fortnite), BYUtv (including Studio C, Granite Flats, Dwight in Shining Armor, and BYUtv Sports), Qualtrics, Radiant Studios, Mark Rober, the Freedom Festival, and author Orson Scott Card. You can also check out his YouTube channel MustardPlays.

Furthermore, he is also a beatboxer and a basketball and golf player. His LinkedIn specializes in social media, web management, content creation, social psychology, and problem-solving.

Donald Mustard Brother, Chad Mustard
Donald Mustard and his brother, Chad Mustard

Donald Mustard is a married man.

As many of you might not be aware, Donald Mustard is a married man, and he is in a blissful marital relationship with his wife, Laura Mustard. According to one of his Instagram posts, the duo reportedly met in Donald’s very first game project. When the couple is married is a mystery, but it seems like they have been married for more than a decade as they have two grown-up daughters.

According to Donald’s Twitter post, he has two adorable daughters. Their eldest daughter looks around 13, and the younger one looks like she’s around 7. However, their names haven’t been mentioned anywhere. They were seen spending family time in Eiffel Tower in October 2019.

Donald Mustard with his wife and daughters
Donald Mustard with his wife, Laura Mustard, and daughters

Professional Career

Donald has an incredible career, and like many other successful personalities, he began from the rubbles. He began in 2005 when he first co-founded the American video game developer named Chair Entertainment with Geremy Mustard and Ryan Holmes. Later, Donald and Geremy gave a live demonstration of the Infinity Blade III program at the Apple iPhone 5S conference in 2013.

Furthermore, in 2015, he joined J.J. Abrams to develop Spyjinx code for video games. Finally, in 2016, he became the Creative Global Director of Epic Games. The developer has also worked for Fortnite, Undertow, and Advent Rising. He is currently best known for being the chief creative officer at Epic Games in Salt Lake City.

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