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Doug Christie Net Worth: Wife Jackie Christie, Kids, Daughter Chantel Christie, Age 

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Image of Dough Christie

This article is about the well-known NBA basketball player, Doug Christie. He has achieved a lot of success throughout his career and enjoys his retirement with his amazing wife. Meanwhile, he hasn’t ultimately left the spotlight and is working as a commenter for Sacramento Kings. Find out who his wife is, what she does, and her relationship with her children by scrolling down. Know about the net worth of Doug Christie.

Who is Doug Christie? 

Doug Christie is a formal outstanding basketball player of the NBA and has played over 15 seasons altogether. In early 1992, he began his career as a professional athlete. First, his skills were being observed through the Seattle Supersonics club.

However, he had not got a chance to play yet and was waiting patiently for the opportunity. While most give up in between, Christie was different and was working very hard for the chance. Finally, after two years of perseveration, he started to shine in the Lakers and York Knicks in 1994. Likewise, after four years in his career, the world recognized him as an expert when he started playing for Toronto Raptors.

Furthermore, Doug was a shooting guard pro and got hired by another well-known club, Sacramento Kings. After his arrival, the club went on profit because of his excellent defensive and three-pointer skills.

How Old is Doug Christie?

The magnificent player Doug Christie was born into a Christian Monasticism household in Seattle, Washington. His father, John Malone, and Norma Christie welcomed him on 9th May 1970. Still, it was his mom who raised him and made him the person he is now. Basketball was always in his blood, and he started playing in the eighth grade.

Moreover, the 51 years old Doug was lucky enough to be blessed with great couches like Dave Denny since a young age. He went to Morris High school to pursue his future goal of becoming a basketball player. Later enrolled in Rainier Beach high school, became a team captain, and finally graduated. After that, he joined Pepperdine University for his further qualification.

Dough Christie playing basketball
Famous basketball player, Dough Christie.

Doug Christie Net Worth

Doug Christie is one of the wealthiest NBA players with a net worth of $50 million. His starting salary was $1,244,00 at New York Knicks. Later it became around $8,000,000 while he played for Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings. Over the years through his career, Dough has earned a fortune that will even be enough for life long.

His Married Life with His Wife, Jackie Christie

Doug Christie is married to his longtime girlfriend, Jackie Christie. They are together for more than 20 years now, and the two are still inseparable. In 2002, they talked about having a successful wedding in the New York Times. The cutest thing that the pair still do is exchange their vows every year.

However, like any marriage, they too had their struggles that even led to a potential divorce. Jackie’s top-less picture got leaked all over the internet, which created a lot of tension between them. Yet, the couple managed to heal and are more vital than ever. Find more about the wife of Doug Christie and get to know her more below.

Jackie Christie Age and Net Worth 

So, Jackie Christie is the famous wife of NBA player Doug Christie. However, she is no secret to the entertainment world. Apart from being a lovely wife, her television presence through the reality show, Basketball Wives, make many headlines. Jackie is one of the most liked contestants of the show and is appreciated by the fans for transparency. Likewise, she is also a businesswoman who owns repudiated companies like Jean Fya Records and BSM media.

Additionally, Jackie Christie has many traits; she is also a fashion designer of the brand, Slayed and has written many inspirational books. Meanwhile, this accomplished lady was born on 7th July 1969 and is 51 years old. Her current net worth is around half a million dollars.

Dough Christie smiling with his wife jackie
Formal outstanding basketball player of the NBA, Dough Christie, and his wife, Jackie Christie.

Doug Christie Kids with Jackie Christie

Doug Christie and Jackie Christie have two children together, Chantel Christie, the daughter, and a son. So they are pretty close together as a family. Still, they get into conflict here and there, which can be seen in the reality series. Although Jackie has a close bond with her kids, it’s not the same with her older daughter, Takari, from her previous marriage, which we’ll get to later in this article.

Doug Christie Daughter Chantel Christie

Chantel Christie is blessed with a famous parent, yet she has a name for herself. Like her mother, she is also a reality tv star and has appeared in the show, Basketball Wives. Chantel celebrates her birthday on 1st June and is 26 years old. Being in the public eyes, sadly, all the issues with her mother get broadcasted.

Recently, she made a massive allegation around her mother by saying Jackie is very abusive towards her firstborn, Takari, and made her run on the treadmill at just the age of 12. But, as of now, the mother-daughter duo has solved their differences, and Chantel has a daughter of herself.

Dough Christie's daughter, Chantel Christie
Reality Tv star, Chantel Christie.

Jackie Christie has a Daughter Ta’kari Christie Lee From a Previous Relationship

Jackie Christie and her daughter, Takara Christie, do not have a healthy relationship. According to Ta’kari, her mother was never around. While her stepsister got to stay with the family, she was sent away to her grandmother. Through her book, Lights to Her Shadow, Ta’kari opened up about her irresponsible mother. She claims that Jackie refers to her as a darker fatter one while addressing Chantel as the lighter skinny daughter.

Therefore, there has always been a rivalry between Ta’kari Christie and her mother. Yet, they are trying to figure it out by going to therapy. Similarly, Ta’kari still thinks their relation can be mend. Meanwhile, she is a mother of 4 kids and went to a devastating phase when her son Jaxson met with an accident. Fortunately, he is fine now.

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