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DrLupo Net Worth: His Wife, Age, and Parents

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Image of video creator of YouTube and Twitch, DrLupo

Although his real name is Benjamin Lupo, he is popularly known as DrLupo. He is a famous YouTuber at his YouTube channel DrLupo where he has a huge subscriber base. DrLupo is also a Twitch Streamer with the following base of 4.5 million.

A native of Nebraska, USA, DrLupo was born on the 20th March 1987. As an avid gamer, he uploads and streams videos about gameplay. He has garnered a huge subscriber base and fan following on YouTube and Twitch.

Lupo is not only a gamer but also a philanthropist. He streams videos for different charity causes. His charity campaigns have helped a lot of causes. Let’s dive into the following review to get more information about DrLupo’s net worth, age, and parents. Who is he married to?

DrLupo Net Worth and Salary

As a popular creator of YouTube and Twitch videos that get millions of views, Lupo earns a staggering amount annually from his channels. He has 1.75 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 4.5 million followers on the Twitch channel, and the number is increasing day by day.

With the increase in his followers, subscribers, and views, his income is also increasing rapidly. Furthermore, the video content he makes reaches a large audience, and people enjoy it, resulting in increased profits from the channels.

DrLupo is a YouTuber from the United States with a net worth of $3 million.

The YouTuber’s net worth currently is about a whopping $3 million. This net worth will certainly go up as his income flow is increasing at speed. He earns from gaming, YouTube, and Twitch.

DrLupo Wife and Son

As a popular video content creator, people are interested in knowing more about Lupo’s personal life. If you are wondering about his relationship status, he is a married man. He has a beautiful wife named Samantha.

We are not sure how long the gamer dated Samantha before marrying her. But they exchanged their vows in 2010. These 11 years of their marriage have been a happy one. They have a son together, and his name is Charlie.

His mother and wife have been extremely supportive of his career as a gamer and video content creator. He studied system engineering, but professional gaming attracted him more, and he switched his career.

His wife, Samantha, has provided him unconditional love and support to reach where he is today. She always encouraged him to focus on his gaming career. She manages all of his schedules and also creates content on Twitch herself.

Image of video creator of YouTube and Twitch, DrLupo and his family
Popular video creator of YouTube and Twitch, DrLupo and his wife and son

How old is DrLupo? Age and Parents.

In March 2021, the successful YouTuber turned 34 years old.

Even if you know DrLupo, you might not know who Benjamin Lupo is. But, as we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, you must have known that Benjamin is his real name.

His parents are James Lupo and Regina Lupo. They are natives of Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States of America.

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