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Eddie Levert Wife, Raquel Capelton, Age, Net Worth

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Images of Raquel Capelton with her husband, Eddie Levert and daughter

You might have heard about legendary musical bands like Pink Floyd, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and many more. Likewise, Eddie Levert is the lead singer of the popular American R&B group called The O’ Jays. However, his fans are not only intrigued about him but also about his wife, Raquel Capelton. Hence, we write this article to let you know about her age, net worth, and many more.

Who is Raquel Capelton?

Raquel Capelton is widely known for being the celebrity wife of singer and songwriter Eddie Levert. If you are unfamiliar with Eddie, he is the lead vocalist of a popular musical group, The O’Jays. She is one of the most popular celebrity wives in the US. She is like the shadow of musician Eddie, as they’re always together in their thick and thins. Furthermore, the woman seems to be quite reserved and hasn’t revealed anything personal about her.

Her Age and Birthday

How old do you think is Eddie Levert’s wife? Well, the musician was born on June 16, 1942, which makes him 79 years of age in 2021. As per our approximation, his wife might also be running in between ages 65-70. Her exact age is not mentioned anywhere. However, her real name is Raquel Capelton Levert.

Eddie Levert Wife- Raquel Capelton

As we have been mentioning it, Raquel and Eddie have been in a long-lasting married life. It is not exactly known how and when they first met each other. However, they married each other in 2005. There is no detailed information about their wedding, but we know that the couple is blessed with a daughter, Ryan.

Besides, Eddie is a proud father as his 17-year-old daughter has followed in his footsteps to get into the music industry. She has a passion for music running in her DNA and has already recorder a song called Stupid People with her father.

Raquel Capelton looking beautiful with her husband, Eddie Levert
Eddie Levert and his Wife, Raquel Capelton

Raquel’s husband, Eddie, was Previously Married

Eddie had been previously married to his first wife, Martha Levert, before marrying Raquel. He took his wedding oaths with Martha in 1996, and they even conceived two sons Gerald and Sean, from their marriage. However, they couldn’t save their relationship and ended divorcing.

Both of their sons carried their father’s legacy and made a great place in the music industry, just like his father. Gerald Levert was a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. He was born on July 13, 1996. Additionally, he was a member of the vocal group LeVert and had released nine albums; six with his group LeVert, two with his beloved father Eddie, and two with LSG. However, he died on November 10, 2006, at the age of 40. He was found dead at his Cleveland home. However, later his autopsy report revealed that his death was caused by intoxication of narcotics and drugs.

Furthermore, their youngest son, Sean Levert, was also a singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born on September 28, 1996, but passed away on November 10, 2006, at the age of 39. Moreover, in 2008, he was sentenced to 22 months in prison after not paying child support to three of his children. Besides, he became ill just after six days of being admitted to jail and died. The cause of his death was reported to be high blood pressure and hallucinations.

Raquel Capelton husband Eddie Levert

Raquel’s husband, Edward Willis Levert, aka Eddie Levert, is a legendary musician. He is a multi-talented person as we can see him writing songs, singing them and also as an actor. He is a member of a prominent musical group called The O’ Jays. 79 years old singer was born in Alabama but was raised in Ohio, in a family who regularly visited the church. The lead vocalist of The O’Jays joined the church choir at an early age, and it was when his musical interest and journey started. He eventually sang in school plays, performed on gospel radio shows, and many more. Besides, he, along with his few other friends, formed a musical group named Triumph while in high school.

Furthermore, he has won many reputable awards throughout his musical career. He was awarded Trumpet Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011, Wall of Fame Honor in Canton, Ohio in 2003, Soul of America Ward in 1993, NAACP Award for “Outstanding Vocal Group” in 1991, and many more. Besides, he has performed at the 2010 Alabama Music Hall of Fame concert as well.

Eddie Levert, husband of Raquel Capelton
Eddie Levert, a legendary musician

Her Net Worth and Salary

As we are unknown about what Raquel did for her living, we are currently unsure about her net worth. Her fame rose just for being the musician’s second wife; otherwise, she was not in the limelight. However, being the wife of a legendary singer, she might also have a substantial net worth.

Eddie Levert Net Worth

Eddie has been consistently working on his musical career for more than 60 years now. He started his earliest journey of music in the year 1958. Hence, he certainly has a great fortune out of his career. As per many sources and reports, he has an estimated net worth of $18 million. He earned his amount with his 29 studio albums with The O’Jays and some hits like Back Stabbers, Love Train, For the Love of Money, Lonely Drifter, and many more.

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