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El Alfa’s Net Worth and Wife

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Image of Dominican artist, Emmanuel Herrera Batista

Emmanuel Herrera Batista (El Alfa) is a Dominican Recording Artist. He performs under the stage name, ‘El Alfa.’ Batista is renowned for his sensual high-pitched voice. Read this to know El Alfa’s net worth and wife.

In addition to that, he has cemented his popularity with tracks like Subete, Suave, and Singapur.

Other than that, El Alfa also collaborated with several artists from Puerto Rico and other international artists. These include the likes of Cardi B, Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin, and Pitbull.

Thanks to his fame and talent, Alfa is now considered the Dominican Dembow genre leader.

Who is El Alfa?

  • El Alfa was born on the 18th of December 1990 in Bajos de Haina, Dominican Republic. He began living an independent life at the age of 17 years.


  • During his childhood, Alfa dreamt of becoming a barber. However, he began acquiring an interest in music in 2008.


  • His first stint with music came after he partnered with Eddy Wilson, a Dembow artist. After releasing a couple of songs, the team broke up in 2009, as each went on to embark on their careers as solo artists.
Image of young artist, Emmanuel Herrera Batista
Young Dominican recording artist Emmanuel Herrera Batista.
  • El Alfa’s debut single as a solo artist came with the release of Coche Bomba. He continued working on several more singles that propelled him into the stratosphere with each passing single.

His song, “Muevete Jevi,” cumulated over three million streams on Spotify. Over the years, he has released albums like Disciplina, El Hombre, and El Androide.

He has also worked with music labels such as El Jefe Record Music, LLC, and Sunflower Entertainment.

Net Worth and Salary

Currently, the artist’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000. So far, he has refrained from giving out personal details relating to his wealth. In this case, we are uncertain how much he makes monthly and annually.

Seeing that he has over 2.4 billion views on youtube, we can safely assume that his music career is on an upward trajectory. As a music artist, he makes money from throwing concerts.

Moreover, he additionally makes money from selling El Alfa merchandise like t-shirts, caps, and jackets.

From Spotify, El Alfa’s earnings are estimated to be about $10,000. He has earned this money from Spotify royalties collected from premium subscription fees and ads.

Additionally, the singer has also featured in short films like Codigo Paz (2014), Voces de la Calle, and Carta Blanca.

Is El Alfa Married to a Wife?

As far as we know, El Alfa is neither married nor dating anyone. As we look into his social media account, there is no post that leads us to believe that he is in any relationship.

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