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Elaine Starchuk: Facts about Tommy lee First Wife

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Image of renowned successful model, Elaine Starchuk

Wanting to become a supermodel and a public sensation, Elaine Starchuk chased her childhood dream. But, after working as a playboy bunny, her life changes entirely, and she got a lot of recognition and modeling gigs. However, she has a thing for music stars and has dated a few of them. In addition, she is the ex-wife of the heavy metal bandmate, Tommy Lee.

Elaine Starchuk met with an accident and suffered both mentally and physically. Let’s see how she is healing from her scars and expanding her new venture.

Who is Elaine Starchuk? Early Life and Education

Elaine Starchuk is a Canadian born in April 7, 1964. Like most aspiring models, she moved to the USA to start her modeling career. She was a highly athletic high school student who played soccer. As the only child, the model connected with her Christian parent and used to go to church every Sunday. She comes from a well-educated family while her father was a lawyer and her mother worked in a local company as a secretary.

The former playboy bunny, Elaine, wanted to rule the fashion industry from a young and was already preparing to be desirable when she had a breast implant before turning 21. She was already working with the modeling agency at the age of 18 in Vancouver. So while working as a model, she quit her further education and solely focused on her budding career. Only after becoming a playboy model, she started being recognized.

Furthermore, the newbie started climbing the height of success when she explored her acting journey in the Oscar-winning movie, Transformers.’ Over time she aced the skill of flawless makeup and was famous for doing the lashes of the pop star Avril Lavigne.

Married life and Divorce with her ex-husband Tommy Lee

It was like love at first sight when Tommy Lee, the band member of the heavy metal band, saw Elaine at his concert in 1982. They instantly clicked and dated for two years and finally got married in November 24 of the year 1994. After that, the couple rarely were seen together and were only captured in some of his tours. Sadly their marriage lasted for just a year. But, even if it was a short run, the couple were idealized by many.

Image of renowned model, Elaine Starchuk and her ex-husband
Successful supermodel Elaine Starchuk and her ex-husband, Tommy Lee

Elaine Starchuk Relationship History before Lee

At the time of her bunny days, Elaine was linked with Hugh Heffner, founder of the playboy publication. She was living in his penthouse, and there was gossip about Heffner being sexually active with all of his models. The allegations have never been proven, though.

Elaine was dating Gregg Giuffria, one of the well-known faces in the American Rock genre, before marrying Tommy. It seems like the model has a type in man because she constantly dated musicians. After her failed marriage, she dated other artists like Taime Downe and Coverdale. Again she got married to Todd Marshall and divorced him after four years. She might be single now.

Net Worth

The estimated networth of the model is considered to be above $500,000. She also received $442,000 as compensation when she met with a dangerous car accident.

Age, Height, and Body Measurements

As a former model of the playboy magazine, The 57 years old is a stunning and graceful woman. She was at the gym often and followed an extreme diet to maintain her perfect body in her youthful days. With long feet and flowing brown hair, the sexy figure stands at the height of 5ft 8 inches.

Elaine Starchuk is the CEO of Enlightened Lashes

Elaine is now trying to conquer the beauty enterprise. She is the founder of Enlightened lashes, which provides lash extensions and training to craving lash experts. The company was first designed when British Columbia had very few skilled lash specialists.

Image of renowned model, Elaine Starchuk
The CEO of Enlightened Lashes, Elaine Starchuk

Additionally, the Canadian origin brand is spreading its wings worldwide and multiple franchises around Asia and Europe. The company gives an excess amount of its earnings to organizations like Battered women, Animal advocates, and the standard horse fan club. As an animal lover, she is against animal cruelty and uses just Faux Mink for her lashes.

Elaine Starchuk had an Accident in 2016

The tragic incident occurred when Elaine Startchuk was hit by a car in May 13, 2016, at nature’s fare market. She had server damage in her shoulders, neck, and back. One of her implants, too, came off, and it affected her mentally as her modeling career was coming to an end. Because of the accident, Elaine could not travel; hence, her job commitment could not be matched.

Plastic Surgery and Modeling Career

Aside from boob jobs, the model is also alleged to have lip surgery. Upon looking at her previous photos, it is pretty evident that she has done something to her lips; however, it can simply be a lip filler.

After her injury from the accident, she could not fully recover, so eventually, her modeling career came to an end.

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