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Elisa Pugliese (Keegan-Michael Key Wife) Age, Nationality, Wiki

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Image of Elisha Pugliese

Elisa Pugliese is a movie director and producer who has managed to survive in the competitive male-dominated industry. However, her great movies, especially in minority groups, have bought her an emerging amount of success. She also has a famous husband who considers her his ultimate support system. Let’s learn about her age and nationality.

Please find out more about this lesser-known talent and get to know her even better by scrolling through this article. We have gathered much information regarding the wife of Keegan Michael Key, Elisa Pugliese right here.

Who is Elisa Pugliese?

The famous director is the queen of behind the scene and is responsible for making a storyline turn into reality through films. Along with a background in acting, she is also a movie maker and a producer. One of her impactful works is the comedy movie Boy Meets Girls. Elisa is not a newbie in the industry and has spent over 20 years doing the job.

Likewise, in her earlier days, she entered the movie industry entrance in an animated department as a color stylist. Now, she has figured her way and seems to enjoy doing it all. Apart from her career, Elisa is also introduced as the wife of the well-known comedian Keegan Michael Kay.

How Old Is Elisa pugliese? Age, Date of Birth, Nationality, and Parents

Elisa Pugliese is an American native-born in the Bronx in Newyork in 1971. She is an Aries woman and celebrates her birthday on the 2nd of April. This year she turned 50 and had her golden jubilee. As of now, the producer has not talked much about her family in media. Likewise, there is no information about her young days too. However, she was very talented and got into the Ivy League.

In addition, after graduating from high school, Elisa studied in the prestige Syracuse University. Although her majors are hidden, she must have chosen something related to films. Even her family was a big shot because the university she went to was not cheap.

Married Life With Her Husband, Keegan-Michael Key

Elisa and Keegan Key are like a match made in heaven. Both share a similar interest in performing art and are fond of sports. The couple first met in 2017 while working for a potential movie together. After the meet, they instantly clicked and started having feelings towards each other.

Being in the public eyes, every second, of course, won’t allow the stars to have a private life. Similarly, Elisa and her future husband tried to keep things casual until they were sure. Yet, that was not possible, and eventually, the media found out. Furthermore, the happy couple tight the knot after a year of dating in June 2018.

Their wedding ceremony was not huge. However, Keegan did admit to having a fantastic reception followed by an after-party which looked like a prom. Since then, Mr. & Mrs. Keys are often seen holding hands in award functions and cheering for each other. They do not have any children yet and seem to be more focused on their careers.

Elisha Pugliese smiling with her husband keegan
Movie Director Elisa Pugliese and her husband, Keegan-Michael Key.

Keegan-Michael Key Was Previously Married to Cynthia Blaise

Elisa is the second wife of Michael, and before, he was married to the actress Cynthia Blaise. They were a married couple for over 16 years. There is no apparent reason for the split, but some believe it was because of the workload and time management issue.

Moreover, the former couple managed to separate with a mutual understanding without any drama. Still, Michael has to pay her alimony of 34,000 dollars every month, and he did share half of his assets.

Elisa Pugliese Wikipedia and Career

Pugliese is a multitalented woman in the movie industry. Over the years, she has retained her power and is shining through the industry. One of her first works was in the popular animated movie Snow Queen. Around 1998, she decided to become an actress and performed in films like Montanna, The Agency, and Schools of Rock. Through her experience, she realized, acting was not for her and started exploring another option.

Therefore in 2007, Elisa came with a bang as an executive producer for the great movie August. After that, she found her destiny and went on producing a real-life based documentary American Journey. Since then, Pugliese hasn’t turned back and has won numerous awards for her brilliant art from the movies Boy Meets Girl and Better Off Single. She has broken all the serotype around women a toxic muscularity has created.

Elisa Pugliese looking hot in black outfit
Movie director and producer, Elisa Pugliese.

Net Worth and Income

Elisa defines a strong woman in power and has ruled the entertainment world for many years now. She is not just the wife of the Emmy nominee husband but is also a talented movie director and producer. Pugliese has gained many assets from all her projects and has a net worth of around $2 million.

Moreover, as a well-established figure, Elisa and her actor husband, Michael Keys, manage to share many luxurious mansions, including their $5.2 million New York apartment. Their house has almost everything 5-star hotels have, along with a fantastic view of the city.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

The beautiful actress turned into a director; Pugliese stands tall at 5 feet and 6 inches and weighs around 58 kg. She has an elegant way of living, and her style always looks on point.

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