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Elizabeth Leiner Age, Net Worth and Wiki-Biography

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Elizabeth Leiner Wiki Biography

Widely known as Tara Locke in the TV show “The Young and Restless,” Elizabeth Leiner is a multi-talented American actress. Some of the actress’s famous roles include “Drop Dead Diva,” “Ingrid,” to name a few. As now her role on “The Young and Restless” ended, the public’s interest in her Wikipedia bio details has piqued.

So in order to abridge the curiosity about the actress, and her age, net worth, one can read this article until the end.

Who is Elizabeth Leiner? Education and Career

Elizabeth Leiner is an accomplished actress based in the United States. Raised in a supportive family, Miss Leiner is well-educated and has a successful career. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Michigan State University’s College of Social Science. As per the source, her primary subject is Human Capital and Society, while her minor subject is Social Behavior and Social Sciences. Furthermore, she also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Literature.

Now, focusing on her career, Elizabeth is known for having an established career in the entertainment industry. She is an actress and writer who is blessed with a Soprano voice as well. Moreover, we can see her in various feature films and TV series. One of the actress’s best roles was for Hamlet & Hutch. She also received ‘Best Direction Award’ for her sensational and dramatic short at Colorado International.

Apart from the entertainment industry, Elizabeth is also a Human Resource Coordinator at Ambrosia QSR.

Image of an accomplished actress, Elizabeth Leiner
An accomplished actress, Elizabeth Leiner

How old is Elizabeth Leiner? Birthdate

Miss Leiner must be in her late 20s as of 2021. As the actress has kept her age and birthdate behind closed doors, we do not have the exact details about her age.

So, we assumed the actress to be somewhat around 25-29 years of age based on her recent pictures. However, her nationality is American, and she was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Apart from this, no information about her early life and family details are available on the internet.

Elizabeth Leiner Dating Life and Relationships

We are not sure if the actress is holding someone’s hand or is single at the moment. She looks to be someone who places a high priority on her personal life. So because of this reason, there is no trace of her lover. So, as of now, all we can do is wait for the actress to make a big reveal about her relationship status.

Elizabeth Leiner Net Worth and Income

Elizabeth has been earning quite well from her successful career. According to recent reports, the actress has accumulated a net worth of $2 million. Likewise, she earns a handsome salary of $400,000 per year. The primary source of her income is generated from the entertainment industry.

Elizabeth Leiner journey on The Young and the Restless Show

Though Elizabeth’s journey on the TV series “The Young and Restless” was short. She was able to gain lots of love from the public. She debuted on the show on 1st March 2020 as Tara Locke. Elizabeth had a recurring role on the show for almost six months and finally bid goodbye to the show in August. The actress said that she would return to the show if possible and would never say never.

Elizabeth Leiner with the cast of the young and the Restless
Elizabeth Leiner with the casts of the young and the restless

Height and Weight

As an actress, Elizabeth has an alluring personality without a doubt. But as many people are curious about her physical attributes, she has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches (1.6m). Likewise, the actress has maintained a healthy body weight of 55 kg. Explaining more about her physical attributes, Elizabeth has medium-length wavy blond hair and bright blue eyes that compliment her personality even more.

Social Media Presence

As a celebrity, Elizabeth’s social media presence is pretty dormant, unlike other media personalities. Though she is available on social media sites, she is not seen making updates on a regular basis. The actress joined Instagram in 2017 and has made only 25 posts until now. Similarly, there are 1.3k people following her on the platform.

She usually shares pictures of her work on Instagram. Now, if you wish to follow the actress on Instagram, she is available under the handle @elizabethleiner. Likewise, Elizabeth joined Twitter as @elizabethleiner in 2014 and has 307 people following her tweets.

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