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Ellen Rucker (Bakari Sellers Wife) Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia

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Images of renowned doctor, Ellen Rucker

Bakari Sellers‘ wife Ellen Rucker does not require her husband’s notoriety to be recognized. Her successful career has given her immense fame. Here is some more information about Ellen, so let’s get to know her better.

Who is Ellen Rucker? Early Life

Born and raised in the lap of South Carolina in 1977, Ellen Rucker is popularly known as the former spouse of Vince Carter, the famous Basketball player. She is also a renowned entrepreneur and a doctor of chiropractic medicine. Ellen was born in Lancaster, California, to Douglas Rucker, an American doctor, and Ruby Rucker, a homemaker.

She had very supportive parents as she grew. And, today also she seems to credit her parents for her successful life and profession. She was not the only child of their parents and had two siblings, Ruby Rucker- Copper and Rucker Jamison. Ruby Rucker-Copper is her sister, and Rucker Jamison is her brother, whom she is pretty close to since the early days.

Ms. Carter was a very bright student in her school days, and she went to a local school in Lancaster. She also went to university to complete her further education. Because of her passion for helping others and becoming a doctor, she graduated from the University of North Carolina with a medical degree and became a famous doctor. As per her extracurricular involvement, she was also a squad cheerleader.

How old is Ellen Rucker? Age and Birthday

The doctor is very charming in appearance, and her body does not resemble her age. As she was born in 1977, she is 44 years old as of June 2021. Each year, she celebrates her birthday very privately, and the exact date of her birthday is still unknown.

Net Worth

Ellen has earned a colossal sum from being a doctor and a businesswoman. According to reports, her net worth is somewhat in the range of $800,000. Her earnings are primarily acquired from being a successful chiropractor and an entrepreneur.

Ellen Rucker is currently married to Bakari Sellers

Bakari Sellers and Ellen have been proud partners since 2015. After divorcing, the NBA basketball player took a break for a bit before marrying Sellers. Bakari Sellers is a famous politician, political commentator, and established attorney. Before marrying the politician, Ellen met him at a wedding in Cancun, a city in Mexico.

The couple found to have similar interests and started meeting each other frequently. After dating for almost seven years, the lovebirds decided to give meaning to their relationship. As a result, they exchanged their wedding vows in 2015. The details about the wedding are not disclosed as it was a private event.

Sellers and Rucker have been passionately in love with each other for a long time and have also brought two souls into the world, Stokely and Sadie, in the year 2019. Their babies have very similar appearances to their parents. The couple currently resides in their beautiful residence in South Carolina with their children. There have not been many details about them as they have chosen to keep this to themselves and maintain a private life.

Ellen Rucker smiling with her current husband, Bakari

A successful chiropractor and an entrepreneur, Ellen Rucker and her husband, Bakari Sellers

Who is Bakari Sellers? Net Worth 

Thirty-six years old, Bakari Sellers is a lawyer and a politician, and also a political commentator. Inspired by his civil rights activist father, Bakari chose his career in the same path. Because of his passion and dedication to serve the nation, he served as the House of Representatives for the 90th district in South Carolina for almost eight years.

He was the youngest Afro-American to be on that post at the age of 22. In addition, he also serves as a political analyst on CNN. Likewise, in 2014, Mr. Sellers was named ‘HBCU Top 30 by 30.’

His hard work and commitment to serve his nation have earned him ample reputation, acclaim, and wealth. He has amassed a massive net worth as a result of his successful profession. Though we don’t know the precise amount of money he makes, we know he lives a lavish lifestyle.

Ellen Rucker was previously married to Vince Carter

Rucker and Vincent Carter are the most popular and controversial couple. The pair went to the same high school and met there. She was a charming lady with a stunning smile, and it has been rumored that Vincent fell in love with Ellen because of her elegant personality and attractive appearance.

Her boyfriend was popular because of his active involvement with the Basketball team. They were in a relationship for a couple of years and eventually tied knots in July 2004. In the university, they were quite a popular duo. Everyone used to appraise their relationship as they were like two peas in a pod. 

The couple stayed husband and wife for two beautiful years. They are also known to be proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Kai Michelle Carter. She was born soon after they got married as the fruit of their compassionate love and affection. However, there were some disagreements between them later on, and they chose to choose different ways after being married for two years. The details about their separation are still unknown as they have chosen to keep this information confidential.

Ellen Rucker's ex-husband, Vince Carter

Famous basketball player Vince Carter

Her Children 

Having children is a blessing for both father and the mother. But when hurdles come up in this process, it can be depressing. Ellen and her husband Bakari faced such unfortunate events in the process of welcoming their babies. She suffered years from miscarriage and was frustrated.

After consulting with health professionals, she found that she had an unexplained infertility condition. However, she was advised to keep on trying. Later after various procedures and hospital visits, she was able to get pregnant following the second IVF cycle and gave birth to twins in May that 2019. The name of her twin daughters is Stokely ad Sadie. In addition to them, Ellen also has an older daughter Kai from her past relationship.

Ellen Rucker smiling with her husband and children

A successful chiropractor, Ellen Rucker, with her husband, Bakari Sellers, and her kids

Career and Wikipedia 

Rucker had not only been career-oriented, but she is also known for her career goals. She was always eager to help people, so she made her career as a doctor. She specializes in chiropractic medicine. After serving as a chiropractor for more than a decade, she started her own hair care business.

Along with her siblings, she established a brand, “Rucker Root,” which makes many hair care products free from chemicals. The product has been a great success, and Ellen has established herself as an accomplished entrepreneur. The lady says that she enjoys her doing the business part of her hair care firm, and she is the one who talks to the chemists and the lawyers. With this information, we may conclude that Ellen is the pinnacle of beauty with a brain.

 Height, Weight, and Measurements

Miss Rucker’s physical attributes remain behind closed doors. However, her husband.

Mr. Sellers has a height of 6 feet and 3 inches, with a healthy body mass of 90 kg. Likewise, his body measurements are also ideal. We must acknowledge that the saying’ tall, dark, and handsome’ perfectly fits Bakari Sellers.

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