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Emma Gretzky: Age and Facts About Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter

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Image of Emma Gretzky, daughter of famous former head coach Wayne

Emma Gretzky is a popular American teenage actress. She has also gathered public attention being the daughter of famous former head coach Wayne Gretzky. To know about her family and her career, you must read the articles till the end.

Emma Gretzky Age and Early Life

Emma Gretzky is a popular kid actress of America. She was born in 2003, on March 28, in Los Angeles, USA. By 2021, she has completed her 18 years. The beautiful actress is the daughter of her parents, Wayne (father) and Janet Jones (mother). Her father was an ice hockey player and a former head coach, a very famous wealthy man. Therefore she completed her childhood very happily with four older siblings. Her primary school was one of the best private schools in their town. Emma Gretzky’s high school name is still unknown.

Career and Net Worth

Emma Gretzky is a bold and talented actress in America. She has been involved in acting since her childhood. Emma Gretzky first appeared in a drama film released in 2014. She has also worked in a documentary named ‘Ultimate Gretzky’ of 2003.

Wayne’s girl belongs to a famous and wealthy family. She is a straightforward lady. To date, there is no information regarding her net worth, but her parents have a net worth of $ 200 million.

Emma Gretzky Parents’ wedding and married life

Emma Gretzky father and mother name is Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones respectively. Wayne is a famous former coach and ice hockey player. He had married Janet in 1988. According to Wayne, their first meet was in “Dance Fever” in 1981. After that, they regularly met in different charity events and became a good friend. After years of friendship and after sharing their thoughts, their company changed into a relationship.

According to Wayne, he proposed to his girlfriend over a phone call. One of the surprising facts is that, in their wedding, over 10 thousand people were waiting outside the hall to see Janes. Club members and his friends were pleased to know about the marriage of Wayne and Janet.

The two have five childrens; two sons and three daughters. Nowadays they are happily spending their married life and hope they always stay together. They love each other and have happily raised their children.

Wayne and Janet, Parents of Emma Gretzky
Famous former head coach Wayne Gretzky and his wife, Janet Jones.

Emma Gretzky Siblings 

Emma Gretzky has one sister and three brothers, Paulina, Ty, Trevor, and Tristan. Palo Alto actress is the youngest one. Paulina is the first child of Wayne, and she is a hockey star. She loves her father so much that Paulina had a tattoo of her father’s jersey no.99 in her bikini line. Paulina got married to a golf player, Dustin Johnson, and has two childrens, Tatum and River Johnson.

Tye has also followed in his father’s footsteps to be a hockey player. He played hockey when he was at a boarding school, Shattuck St. Mary’s, in Faribault, Minnesota. Tye’s next stop was Arizona State University, where he earned an Interdisciplinary Studies degree in 2014.

Trevor spent his time at Oaks Christian School between the baseball pitch and the football field. He acknowledged that, while he enjoys both games, baseball was his true calling. He confessed,

“In Yankee games at NYC, I was drawn to the sport. We two brothers spend a lot of time playing together.”

The Chicago Cubs selected Trevor at the 2011 June Amateur Draft. However, he did not set any records while batting.

Tristan Gretzky is the Gretzky family’s youngest son. He’ll turn 23 next year. He was born in Los Angeles and aspired to achieve his professional ambitions.

Tristan is a rising talent who appeared as Hayden (Mark Hewson’s son) in the 2006 comedic drama film “Two Tickets to Paradise.” Janet Jones Gretzky, his mother, also played Sherry (Mark’s wife) in the movie. The film was shot along Interstate 95 in beautiful southern California, primarily in the San Diego region. He was also mentioned in a few film documentaries.

Emma Gretzky with her parents and siblings
popular American teenage actress Emma Gretzky with her parents and siblings

Mother, Janet Jones 

On January 10, 1961, Janet Marie Gretzky was born. She is an actress from the United States. She is married to Wayne Gretzky who is a former ice hockey coach.

Janet made her television debut in 1979 in a US television show “Dance Fever.” She was also seen in a dance duet Motion, performing scripted routines with the show’s presenter, Deney Terrio. Jones appeared in Annie in 1982, Staying Alive in 1983, and Snow White Live in 1980.

61 years old lady also appeared in the musical comedy Grease 2, playing a minor part in 1982. Her breakthrough role was in The Flamingo Kid in 1984, followed by the film adaptation of A Chorus Line in 1985. In 1986, she starred alongside gymnast Mitch Gaylord in American Anthem, and in 1987, she was featured on the cover of Playboy’s March issue.

Father, Wayne Gretzky 

Wayne Douglas Gretzky is a former hockey player from Brantford. He is one of hockey’s masters of all time, having set more than 60 NHL records.

He showed his talent in LA Kings, NY Rangers, St. Louis Blues, and others during his NHL career. In 1978, Gretzky joined the Indianapolis Racers. The team folded and sold its young asset to the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers. He played his first NHL season the following year. His performance was a huge hit, and he went on to win the Hart Memorial Trophy for the league. The honor was given to the team’s most valuable player.

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