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Erika Frantzve (Charlie Kirk Wife) Wiki, Facts.

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Image of a podcaster and founder of a charitable organization, Erika Frantzve

Erika Frantzve posted an Instagram photo with this caption,

“If you get to marry your best friend, it’s the God writing your love story,”

The same picture on Charlie Kirk’s profile captions,

“She said yes.”

25 weeks later, there was another picture on Charlie’s walls that said “Forever.” Both of them looked lovely in the wedding dress. Congratulations to the newlywed, may the bond last forever.

Who is Erika Frantzve?

So, who is this gorgeous wife of the founder of Turning Points USA? The winner of Miss Arizona USA 2012, Erika Frantzve, is a podcaster and founder of a charitable organization. In the channel “Midweek Rise Up,” Erika talks about self-growth and confidence, guiding millions of viewers to the path of self-development.

Wedding and Married life with her husband, Charlie Kirk.

In May 2018, Erika was in Israel airport, trying to get the ticket to America. When she looked around, she saw a familiar face but could not recognize Charlie back then.

Then the duo met again a few days later, during the official inauguration of a Turning Point office. Then they started bonding and got to know each other. After that, they went to bills burger in New York. Erika thought that was a business interview, but Charlie asked her to go out on a date instead.

So, we can say that this is the tale of “Love at first sight”.?

Almost after a year of dating, they announced the relationship to the public with a social media post. They have been to Israel, Viana, London, and all over the USA in the previous years. They started to live together as the lockdown was imposed and got engaged on December 2, 2020.

Image of a podcaster and founder of a charitable organization, Erika Frantzve and husband

A businesswoman, model, owner of a fashion brand, and real estate agent, Erika Frantzve and her renowned husband, Charlie Kirk

The wedding ceremony was held on May 8 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Erika was delighted to marry the man she loves, honors, and cherishes.

Net Worth and Salary

Erika Frantzve is a businesswoman, model, owner of a fashion brand, and a real estate agent. From all these works, she has earned a net worth of $999 408. The couple together enjoys the fortune of 2 million dollars.

Age, Height, and Parents

Erika Frantzve was born in Arizona on November 20, 1988. So, as of June 2021, she is 32 years old. This 5 feet 6 inches gorgeous lady with blue eyes and blonde hair looks like a fairy. Born to Lori and Kent Frantzve, her childhood was quite fun. She learned the values of her parents and was dedicated to helping the poor and the needy.


Erika got her degree in Political Science from Arizona State Campus in 2012. Then, she joined Liberty University for her Master’s education. It’s amusing to know that Erika is still pursuing her education, doing a Ph.D. from Liberty University itself. We can definitely call her “beauty with a lot of brains.”

Image of The winner of Miss Arizona USA 2012, Erika Frantzve

The winner of Miss Arizona USA 2012, Erika Frantzve

After getting her bachelor’s degree, Erika earned the crown of Miss Arizona, opening her door to a future career. Erika was also a professional basketball player in her college. She did volunteer works in Israel and many parts of the world with her non-profit organization “Everyday Heroes Like You.” Since 2018, she is working in New York City as a real estate agent.

Erika is the owner of the fashion brand Proclaim Streetwear. The model’s Instagram account has almost 80k followers. Her podcast “Midweek Rise Up” is loved and followed by many fans. She is open about her faith in God and Christianity.

Charlie Kirk’s wife, Erika Frantzva, is an attractive, talented, and versatile personality. The couple shares the exact political and social alignment, a perfect fit for each other’s life.

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