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Erna Husko Age, Net Worth, Nationality and Wikipedia 

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Images of Erna Husko, Finnish fitness model

Erna Husko is a well-known Fitness Model and actress from Finland. Husko is a professional trainer and star on social media, including Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Snapchat. Additionally, she motivates others in fitness through her videos on Youtube.

Are you interested in fitness? Do you love to be physically fit? This article is about fitness freak Erna and her life. Let’s learn about Erna Husko’s early fitness journey, net worth, career, body measurement, social media activities, and more.

Erna Husko Age, Nationality and Early Life

Erna is an actress, born on 27th August 1997. Husko is 24 years old as of 2021. Erna is from Finland with unknown ethnicity. Information regarding her family and parents, the occupation of her parents, and their names are also not available.

Erna grew up and enjoyed herself with her family in her County. Husko got her primary education from a local. Husko earned her degree at Finland University. Moreover, Erna had a massive interest in ice skating and fitness since her early days. After her bachelors’ degree, she started her profession in fitness.

Net Worth and Income

Erna has kept her exact earnings and net worth away from the public eye. Erna makes around $26,000 per year as a model. Besides that, she has an e-commerce business of fitness commodities, including her workouts mini bands, Erna Husko workout bundles, Erna Husko Workouts skipping rope.

Erna is also earning through social sites, including Instagram and Tik Tok, and the Youtube platform. Husko is also well known for her core existence as a fitness trainer. On social media platforms, she promotes various fitness brands and nutrients supplements required for fitness.

Erna Husko Career and Wikipedia

Husko is a gymnasium model and social media activist. She commenced her fitness carrier as soon as she completed her university education. Erna has thousands of fan following on her Facebook, Insta, and TikTok. Firstly, Erna joined a fitness class and learned about fitness tips, tricks, and ideas. Husko started her career as a fitness trainer. Moreover, in coordination with the Finland Fitness club, she carried out her professional career.

Erna made an appearance on her youtube through her youtube channel three years ago. On Youtube, she posts short videos about the fitness workouts and nutritional diets required to remain fit. Erna Husko shows her talent through TikTok videos as well. She gets appreciation in the comments.

After being a successful professional trainer, she started promoting diets and nutrients, and fitness materials through her social sites.

Erna Husko looking cool in blue gym outfit
Finnish fitness model and actress, Erna Husk

Erna Husko used to receive a death threat

Social media charm Husko says she encounters cyberbullying every day. Husko says he receives malicious messages from various social media channels daily. Young women, in particular, put offensive messages to her. Husko has also received death threats.

“I don’t understand what I’ve done to people. Why do I deserve this? Yes, it affects self-esteem if you always get dirt on your neck,” Husko says.

Husko says she gets a lot of nasty feedback from almost anything she does. The latest big fuss came from his riding photo, which Husko put on Instagram. In the picture, Husko is sitting on the horse’s back. In the Instagram Stories section, she also put a video of him galloping on a horse. With the pictures and the video, she was barked at as an animal eagle.

How did Erna Husko overcome Eating Disorder?

At the age of 17-18, Husko’s weight dropped so low that he could no longer do sports. The young girl became ill with an eating disorder as her appearance pressures increased.

The coach had told her that she needs to lose five pounds during the summer. After the summer, she lost 10 pounds. Her weight loss just continued, and she noticed that she could no longer skate and bet. She didn’t eat anything during the day and weighed 45 pounds. It was little. She was 18 years old, and one summer, she thought this was a must end. She could not take it anymore.

Husko’s struggle with a previous eating disorder and appearance pressures. It motivates me to help others. She is also motivated by helping other people. When she was in that jam herself, no one instructed her on eating and working out. She felt like she can be a role model for many after going through it all herself.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Being a fitness model, Erna must maintain her body figure. This 5 feet 6 inches stunning model weighs 57 kgs. Further information regarding the measurement of breast waist and hip is unknown.

Social Media Activities 

Erna Husko has over 302K fan followers on Instagram, where she posts her fitness pictures. Husko is blessed with around a million followers on Tik Tok. On her Twitter account, she holds 3k followers. Erna’s YouTube has over 21K subscribers. Husko makes a presence on Snapchat through her account @ErnaHuskoo. Erna has her email id through which business inquiries can be made

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