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Estelle Berglin (Julius Dein Wife to be Girlfriend) Net worth, Age 

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Image of Julius Dean's girlfriend, Estelle Berglin

The world-famous prankster and magician Julius Dein profess his extraordinary way of combining comic systems. He is a very charming face for the media, but what about the real-life of Julius. He is currently dating a girlfriend, Estelle Berglin. Don’t you want to know more about Berglin’s net worth and age? If yes, then go through this article.

Who is Estelle Berglin?

Julius Dein’s girlfriend is Estelle. But she is more than that. This beautiful and powerful Swedish woman is an Instagram persona. Berglin is also a model known for her captivating looks. Shortly after graduating from High School, Estelle Berglin began her professional career.

At the peak of her career, she worked in the customer service department. After that, she worked as an ambassador for many brands, promoting the products in Instagram and YouTube. Now, she mostly works in digital ads, promoting many products in her social media pages. Berglin’s website called “Swift” is also popular. She is also a fitness instructor. Estelle’s health and fitness tips are loved by many.

Estelle Berglin is dating her Boyfriend, Julius Dein

According to the source, Berglin met Dein in August 2019. Now, the two are celebrating 2nd year of togetherness. The couple communicated via social media connections and clicked instantly. In addition, on August 26, 2020, the two shared each other’s photos on their social media accounts, celebrating their first birthday and maintaining a good relationship.

The couple traveled to Mexico in February. They couldn’t travel back to Sweden due to movement restrictions by Covid-19. So, they need to stay in Mexico longer than they agreed. In the end, despite the difficulties, this is probably the time when they got closer. The two post their photos in social media, talking openly about the love they share. Also, the prank videos of the couple are preferred by their fans. A card trick of Julius and Berglin got over 2 million people, creating a sensation in social media.

However, fans really don’t trust if Julius is actually in love with Estelle. This is due to controversies with his previous girlfriend, Madison Willow. Madison even made a video claiming that Julius is fake. This newfound love with Estelle might help to improve this public image. Let’s hope their relationship lasts longer.

Julius Dean kissing his girlfriend, Estelle Berglin
The world-famous clown Julius Dein and his girlfriend, Estelle Berglin

Estelle Berglin’s Parents and Education

Berglin is a YouTube celebrity who was born in Sweden on April 26, 1997. This year, Julius’s girlfriend becomes 24 years old. Although she was born in Umea, this talented girl was raised in Stockholm. Her family has a mom, dad, and younger brother, William. Her father Joakim works at Smart Beginning, LLC in Stockholm. Though the family was not so rich, Estelle got everything she ever wanted.

Estelle completed her education at Dragonskolan College. For a bachelor’s degree, she when to Brandbergsskolan University. Besides, she went to Phuket, Thailand, where she took a bartending course. She worked in a restaurant and had many small jobs before getting famous. She made her Youtube Channel in 2013 and now has over 17 million views. However, Estelle has an unstable carrier even now. It looks like she is seeking a chance to be featured on big screens and working for Hollywood.

Estelle Berglin Net Worth

Estelle makes $11,000 per annum from her YouTube channel alone. Her Instagram account is also very famous, and according to various endorsements, she can earn $1,000 for each post. Estelle is an expert in online media and is responsible for handling several private label advertisements.

Estelle Berglin’s total appraised assets are approximately USD 450,000. She also enjoys over a million dollars from her boyfriend. Julius is already wealthy.

Estelle Berglin Body Measurements

Regarding Estelle’s appearance, her average height is 158 cm or 5 feet 4 inches. Berglin weighs about 56 kg. Similarly, this fitness enthusiast has a well-maintained body measuring 34-24-34 inches. Berglin has charming blue eyes. Berglin’s shoe size is size 3 (UK).

In addition, her original hair color was brown. The Swedish beauty has a slender figure and a beautiful face. As a fitness enthusiast, people who like to do various sports, such as weight training, strength training, yoga, aerobics, resistance training, Berglin is quite fit.

Social Media Activities

Prankster’s babygirl has two unique Instagram account. The first one is her personal account in her native language, Swedish. This account is private nowadays. Next, her English account @swealife has got 721k fans. Her YouTube channel also has 130k subscribers. Her videos are mainly related to sports, healthy exercise, reasonable nutrition, and style. Due to the influence of Julius, Berglin’s social media account is getting popular in recent days.

Julius Dein Net Worth

Julius Dein is a famous English con artist. This YouTube with 800,000 subscribers is known for its magic with matches, cards, paper, and knives. Julius Dein started magical videos to promote his online business. But after building a strong fan, he made a carrier out of YouTube video. This move made him even more famous. His social account is a good source of income. Julius Dein’s current net worth is $690,000. Julius’s estimated salary is about $220,800 per annum.

Last Word,

Estelle Berglin and Julius Dein really seem to be head over heels in love right now. The fans look forward to them maintaining a healthy relationship for a long time. They might even get married. Who knows?

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