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Frankie Iglesias: Age, Mother Claudia Valdez and Facts about Gabriel Iglesias son

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Frankie Iglesias with his father, Gabriel Iglesias

Frankie Iglesias is a celebrity kid who has been in a constant spotlight since he associated with the actor and comedian Gabriel Iglesias. His mother, Claudia Valdez, is an American actress and producer. He is indeed a fortunate child who got Gabriel as his step-father. As very little is known about him, people inquire about his details on the internet. Hence, this article focuses on Frankie’s age and other exclusive information.

Frankie Iglesias Age and Early life

Frankie Iglesias is a public figure who came to prominence for being a successful businessman. Apart from that, he is also the step-son of a famous actor and producer, Gabriel Iglesias. Born on December 8, 1997, he is 23 years of age. He was given birth by the actress Claudia Valdez and her previous boyfriend, whose identity is unknown now.

But later, Claudia’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias adopted him as his son. To our knowledge, he had a pretty good childhood, but there is no further information regarding it. As for his education, he went to a local high school in California, and for his college, he goes to some reputed university.

Frankie Iglesias Parents relationship

Frankie’s mother, Claudia, and his adopted father, Gabriel, were long-term partners who stayed together for around 12 years. The duo never shared the circumstance they first met, but we surely know that they started dating in 2008, as they were seen together in public in January 2018. They were seen attending an event called A Wish for Animal Benefit.

Also, the actor and comedian Gabriel was generous enough to adopt his girlfriend’s child (who was around 11 years) as his own blood. The couple was even staying together in Whittier, California, the United States. In fact, their relationship was going fine until Gabriel went into his dark days, where he battled with drinking addiction and depression. We don’t think there was any other reason except for this, which ruined their cordial relationship for more than a decade. Finally, they called it quit in July 2020, but still are in good terms.

Frankie Iglesias parents, Claudia and Gabriel
A famous American comedian and actor, Gabriel, and his ex-wife, Claudia

Frankie Iglesias has good relation with his step-father, Gabriel Iglesias

Despite the break-up with his mother, Frankie still has a great relationship with his step-father Gabriel. While the actor and comedian found himself in a pretty dark and tough situation around 2017, the father-son duo was not going on so well. Also, Gabriel was finding it difficult to balance his professional and personal life, which might somewhat explain his breakup with Claudia.

Later, he realized that family comes first, and no matter how famous and successful you get, it doesn’t count if you do not have someone besides you. Hence, he apologized to his beloved son Frankie for staying distant for all the years. Moreover, Frankie forgave his father, and they’re doing a great relationship with the mother.

Step-father Gabriel Iglesias

If you don’t know Gabriel, he is a famous American comedian and actor widely known for his entertaining show, “I’m not fat, and I’m Fluffy “and “Hot and Fluffy.” Audiences love him for his incredible story-telling skills and for his great sense of humor, which collectively makes him a great stand-up comedian. He has appeared in comedy series like All That, Premium Blend, My Wife, Kids, and many more. Also, he has appeared in films like Magic Mike, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, and many more. With this great career, he has amassed around $40 million worth.

Frankie Iglesias with his father, Gabriel Iglesias
Frankie Iglesias and his step-father, Gabriel Iglesias

Mother Claudia Valdez

Now moving on to Frankie’s mom Claudia, she also happens to be an actress known for movies like Monsters, El Buffalo De La Noche, The Legend Of Zoro, La Zona, and many more. Furthermore, she has also produced her own drama movie named Monstruo. The lady has also won several awards like Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kids’ choice awards, American Country Awards, and 8th Annual TV Land Awards. However, she is mainly known for being Gabriel’s long-term partner.

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