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Who is Gillie Da Kid’s Wife? His Age, Net Worth, Real Name, and Wiki

Image of American rapper and songwriter, Gillie Da Kid

Philidelphia’s Gillie Da Kid is loved for this work in Major Figgis. This American rapper and songwriter has won the public’s heart with major hits like Get down On the Ground, Single, King Me, and more. Fans were equally crazy about Gillie’s appearance in movies like Blood Brotha, Caged Animals, and more. Know his age, real name, and wiki.

We already know a lot about his 36 years old handsome hunk. Today it’s time to learn more about Gillie Da Kid’s wife and children.

Is Gillie Da Kid Married to a Wife? His Kids

Gillie Da Kid has been romantically involved with a woman named Regina for a long time. While most of the sites claim that they are not married yet, we don’t know that for a fact. Gillie often calls Regina his “wife” in public, but they never announced the marriage officially. Moreover, Gillie Da Kid’s wife has never come out in public with her husband.

The couple has been living together with their two children- one son and one daughter. We also don’t know more about these kids- Gillie has been able to keep his personal life away from the news.

Image of American rapper and songwriter, Gillie Da Kid and girlfriend
American rapper and songwriter, Gillie Da Kid and girlfriend, Regina.

How Old is Gillie Da Kid? His Birthday and Height

Born on July 31, 1984, Gillie is currently 35 years old with a height of 5 feet 9 inches. He weighs 76 kgs with a chest size of 44 inches. The brown eyes and black hair suit him quite well.

Gillie Da Kid Net Worth

Gillie’s work as a writer and actor has made him a considerable fortune. Similarly, he has won some impressive awards like Music Award for best Mix tap and Best song- rap or hip-hop. His Instagram account has over 2 million followers. Such fame has helped him accumulate a net worth of $2million as of 2021.

Image of renowned American rapper and songwriter, Gillie Da Kid
Famous Awards winner and American rapper and songwriter, Gillie Da Kid.

Gillie Da Kid Real Name and Family

Gillie Da kid aka Nasir Fard, was born in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. We don’t know much about the childhood of this African- American rapper. He grew up with his younger sibling Kiara. Also, we know that Wallo, his first cousin, runs a podcast with Gillie.


After completing high school education in his hometown, Gillie started his carrier as a rapper. Firstly, he helped to establish Major Figgis, an underground band. Later, the band was involved in a controversy with Cash Money Records and its star Lil Wayne. Gillie claimed that he had written some on the rap for Lil Wayne, but the band denied his role. This made Gillie leave his crew and start a solo music Journey.

Later, he worked with BabyGrande records and released his first mixed tape in the year 2007. It was the same year when the FBI caught him for drug use. Thankfully, he was pledged non-guilty, and the case was closed in a while. Moreover, his fight with Soulja didn’t do Gillie any good. Gillie twitted “fake money, Soulja“, causing a significant dispute between the two.

Gillie continued writing more songs and collecting many awards before he decided to work for the movies. We can see his appearance in Force of Extension, Pimp Bully, Wrath of Chain, and more. In addition, we can also listen to his podcast on Spotify and YouTube Channel.

Well, we can say that the Journey into the American music industry was pretty arduous for Gillie. But he managed through the hardship and made it as a famous rap writer.

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