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Hannah Pham: The Beautiful Wife of Ronny Chieng

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Image of wife of the famous comedian and actor Ronny Chieng, Hannah Pham

You may be wondering who Hannah Pham is. Some of you may already know her. But to those who do not know who she is, let us tell you that she is the beautiful wife of the famous comedian and actor Ronny Chieng. Do these last two words sound familiar? Well, it has to be because Ronny Chieng has been the star comedian and actor these days on Netflix.

Okay, let’s concentrate on Hannah now and learn some interesting facts about this beautiful lady.

Who is Hannah Pham? Bio

Hannah was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1985. She has a brother, Bruce, and a sister, Christina. Julia Pham is her mother, but we do not know her father’s name because she has not revealed it yet.

She lived in Melbourne until she graduated from the University of Melbourne in Law and Commerce and relocated to New York, USA. She has completed her Master’s Degree in Law from the University of New York.

Pham is a licensed attorney and practices law specializing in intellectual property in the States. She has been living with her husband, the celebrity comedian, and an actor, Ronny Chieng.

Hannah Pham is the wife of Ronny Chieng. 

Now that you know she is the wife of Ronny Chieng, it will be interesting to know where and how they met.

It was during their university days at the University of Melbourne where Hannah and Ronny met. Their romantic and happy relationship started at the university and took off to the sky of married life.

The duo tied the nuptial knot in 2016, a year after their engagement. And they live quite a happy life together in New York, USA. Interestingly, they got married three times.

Sounds funny, right? But yes, they got married in Melbourne (Where Hannah is from), Kuala Lumpur (Ronny is a Malaysian-born actor), and New York (Where they live now).

And an even funnier fact is that the wedding in Melbourne took place without Ronny at the site as he missed the flight to attend his wedding. The couple has been enjoying married life happily. They have not planned for the kids yet.

Image of the famous comedian and actor Ronny Chieng and wife, Hannah Pham
The famous comedian and actor Ronny Chieng and his wife, Hannah Pham


Hannah is a professional attorney who has worked with law firms in Australia and practices law now in New York, USA. Her LinkedIn profile mentions her to be an Executive Producer and an Attorney.

In addition to practicing law, she also has a popular YouTube channel, Pham Bam Kitchen, where she shares Asian cooking recipes. People love her channel for the videos that she makes to share the cooking recipes of Asian foods. Although she is not a trained chef, she is passionate about cooking and loves to share her cooking skills with her audience.

Net Worth and Income

With her views on her YouTube channel, Hannah’s income is estimated to be around $90,000 annually. Besides, she earns a decent amount from her law practice. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $400,000 as of now.

Social Media Activities.

As a YouTuber, Hannah Pham is active on social media. She regularly uploads Asian cooking recipe videos on her YouTube channel. Pham also shares her YouTube content on a Facebook page called Pham Bam Kitchen. LinkedIn is another social platform that she is active in.

Image of a famous YouTuber, Hannah Pham
Renowned celebrity wife of Ronny Chieng, and a renowned YouTuber, Hannah Pham


NameHannah Pham
Lives inNew York, USA
Birth PlaceMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date Of Birth21 November 1985
FatherNot Disclosed
MotherJulia Pham
BrotherBruce Pham
SisterChristina Pham
HusbandRonny Chieng
EducationMaster’s in Law, University of New York
ProfessionAttorney, Executive Producer
YouTube ChannelPham Bam Kitchen

Apart from these facts, she also loves traveling. She shares some tips on exploring Asian markets as well on her YouTube channel.

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