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Harper Spade: Facts about Harper Spade, Daughter

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Imazge of David spade and Jillian Grace daughter, Harper Spade

Harper Spade is a beautiful, innocent child celebrity from America. She is the daughter of comedian, David Spade, and Jillian Grace. Currently, she lives with her father. To know more details about her parents and career, read the full articles till the end.

Who is Harper Spade? Age

Harper Spade is another celebrity child who, with only her smile, manages to win the hearts of many. Miss Spade was born in Washington, Missouri, on August 27, 2008. According to her birth year, she is 13 years old by 2021. David Spade, a well-known comedian, is her father. Her birth sparked a lot of controversies because her parents are still unmarried. However, the couple has done an excellent job of co-parenting their kid.

Harper Spade Parents Relationship

David Spade’s dating life has always been busy. Spade also dated some of the town’s crazy beauties. He never, however, committed to a long partnership.

In 2007, Jullian Grace and David Spade met. Although their relationship was brief, they conceived Harper for the better. It was startling to David to learn that Jullian was pregnant. He even questioned whether he was the baby’s father. David’s daughter was born at the end of August of 2008. Following that, David formally announced Harper as his daughter. Jullian relocated to Missouri with her daughter after Harper was born.

Harper Spade with her parents
Harper Spade and her parents, David spade and Jillian Grace.

 Who is David Spade?

David Spade is an American famous comedian, TV artist, and writer. He was born on July 22, 1964, in Birmingham, Michigan. Judith and Wayne are the parents of David Spade. David has two brothers in his family, Andy, and Bryan.

David did his high schooling at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona. During his high school days, he performed many comedian stage shows in the college program. After high school, he completed his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in 1990 in business.

His first career project was Saturday Night Live Show, where he worked as a cast member in the 1990s. He created sketches and other materials for the Show. As of now, David Spade has done a lot of shows and comedies.

He appeared in and as Joe Dirt, a comedy movie in 2001, and he had continuously shared the screen in Capital One commercials from 2002-2006.

From 2007-2013, he had completed a role as a character of Russell Dunbar in Rules of Engagement.

Furthermore, he has appeared in lots of movies. They are Tommy Boy in 1995, Joe Dirt in 2001, The Benchwarmmers in 2006, Grown Ups 1 in 2010, Grown Ups 2 in 2013, The Do-Over in 2016, Father of the Year in 2018, The Wrong Missy in 2020.

With nominations in numerous categories, David Spade has received many awards.

Harper Spade with her father, David Spade
Harper Spade and her father, David Spade.

Harper Spade Mother, Jillian Grace

Jillian Grace is a beautiful American lady. She was born on December 20, 1985. Jillian became popular during working in the Playboy Magazine in 2005. She has played a lot of movies like Epic Movie, The Comebacks, and The House Bunny.

Her career began due to her mother when her mother sent some photos and letters of her in shock jock. Soon after, she was invited by Howard Sterns Show as a guest appearance. She is also an actor, a qualified personal trainer, and a yodeling student. Jillian has also starred in TV shows such as The Girls Next Door in 2005.

David Quit Talking to His Father After the Birth of Harper Spade

David open-up regarding his relationship with his father in his audiobook, A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World.” According to David, his father was funny and cool, but he suddenly disappeared from the family. At that time, David Spade was only four years old, and his brothers were six and eight years old.

During his childhood, David used to meet with his father once a year. At that time, they did not have phone calls due to the absence of their father’s phone numbers.

When he had a daughter and grownup, he realized how difficult it is to raise and how importance and responsibilities of parents towards a child. So he’s decided not to talk with his father.

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