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Heidi Balvanera: Facts about Jaime Camil Wife

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Image of Mexican actress and model, Heidi Balvanera

Mexican actress and model Heidi Balvanera is a very famous woman. She is the most known wife of the famous actor, Jaime Camil. Heidi’s husband Jaime got popular after his appearance in Mary’s TV show.

Also, we know Mrs. Camil for her work as an actress. Her acting roles have appeared in movies such as Regresa, Teresa, and Jane the Virgin Self. Please find out more about her bio as you go through this article.

Heidi Balvanera Age and Early Life

Born in 1978, Heidi Blackbeard celebrates her birthday on the 6th of September every year. Heidi will turn 43 this year. She was born in Mexico, where her parents, Reynaldo Balvanera Nunes (father) and Maria Elena de Uriarte del C. (mother), worked very hard. Her parents were from a middle-class family and yet raised Balvanera with the best possible facilities.

We also know that Heidi has a brother, but the detailed information about her brother is not out yet. More about the Balvanera family is still to be known. And her ethnicity is white; Balvanera looks beautiful in her blonde hair. We also dont know about Heidi’s education.

Heidi husband Jaime Camil, and Kids

Heidi Balvanera is married to Jaime Camil. The couple got married in 2013. She and her husband have been with each other for seven years. Jaime and Heidi first met through a common friend. Then, their love started growing. The flame hasn’t gone even after many years of marriage. Even now, the two often share lovely family photos on Instagram.

Together, they have two children: Elena Camil and Jaime Camil III. Elena was born in 2011 before her parents got married. Meanwhile, in 2014, Jaime III was born. The family celebrated Jaime III’s birthday on the 23rd of July. Jaime’s social media walls are full of pictures of his beautiful children. They often go on vacation and parties, enjoying life to the fullest.

Heidi Balvanera with her husband and kids
Heidi Balvanera with her husband, Jaime Cami, and her kids

Jaime Camil career and Net Worth

Jaime Camil is a successful Mexican artist who has a net worth of $15 million. He was born in 1973 in Mexico City to a real estate manager and singer. After studying at Universidad Anahuac, Jamil started his music carrier. In the early days, Jaime also sang opera in Italy.

In 1993 Camil became the radio analyst for Radioactive 98.5. Soon, his debut movie “El show de Jaime Camil” was out. In 1996 he released “Que nochecita con Jaime Camil” on Azteca TV. Later in the year 2002, he played “Operacion triunfo.” In 2009, Camil hosted “Aventura Port Mexico” and the “El Gran Show” 2010.

Heidi’s man has a solid film career. He has appeared in more than a dozen films, and in 2006 won an international award for his acting in “7 Days”. He released his own vocal group in 1999. Since then, he has produced three studio series, each of them equally preferred by the fans.

It was many years of Struggle, but Camil certainly got his well-deserved success. Now, Camil and his wife live in Mexico city together. Sometimes, Jaime and his wife also live in Los Angles. They have a great family and luxurious lifestyle. We dont know the actual address of Jaime’s house.

Heidi Balvanera Career

Heidi Balvanera is an actress known for movies like Regresa (2010) and Teresa (2010). Balvanera’s last and finest work was seen in the movie “Jane The Virgin Self.” This movie was released in 2014. This is where Balvanera’s acting carrier came to an end.

In addition to acting, she introduces herself as a writer and entrepreneur. Also, having a lot of followers on social media helps her earn money and fame. However, Heidi doesn’t have any career right now. She stays back in the home and supports her husband.

Heidi Balvanera with her husband, Jaime Camil
Mexican actress and model Heidi Balvanera with her husband, Jaime Camil

Heidi Balvanera is a dog lover

Heidi loves her little dog Kiliwi more than her life. Her fluffy dog is also her family. She travels within countries and goes on vacation with her little pet.

Social Media Activities

Heidi has been very popular in Instagram due to her 113k followers. Her Twitter with 58.7k followers seems equally engaging. Even Heidi’s Facebook has 57k Followers. The active and engaging fans in social media give Heidi a great sum of money. Heidi’s social media is the major income source.

Final words,

Balvanera is the woman behind Camil’s success. She has been with Jaime from the beginning of his career and supports him thick and thin. Balvanera gave up her own career for her husband; that’s definitely appreciable. Heidi hasnt played any movie since 2014, but she is still renowned in the social media world.

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