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Jacelyn Reeves (Clint Eastwood’s Mistress) Age, Today, Bio and Wiki 

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Jacelyn Reeves in appealing look

Clint Eastwood’s ex-girlfriend Jacelyn Reeves has been called his Mistress. After being related to the celebrity Clint, Jacelyn’s life’s got the attention of the media in a short time. This former flight attendant gave birth to Clint’s children Scott Eastwood and Kathryn Eastwood, both famous for their acting carrier. Let’s know about Jacelyn in detail through this article.

Who is Jacelyn Reeves? Wiki

Jacelyn Reeves is a beautiful lady from Seattle, Washington, who worked as a flight attendant. She got famous due to her relationship with Clint Eastwood. After two children from Clint, Jacelyn broke the relationship and went back to normal life.

Jacelyn sometimes attends the awards shows with her kids Scott and Kathryn. Despite her conflict with Clint, Jacelyn managed to give a good life to her children who are already successful in Hollywood at a young age. Reeves’ proximity in the Hollywood circuit is still high.

How Old is Jacelyn Reeves? Age, Early Life, and Bio

Currently 70, Jacelyn was born on the 21st of December to the Sagitarrius Zodiac sign. Originally from Seattle, Reeves has kept her family life a secret. This American lady has a mixed ethnicity of English, German, Scottish, and more.

Jacelyn is a high school graduate from Washington. After school, Reeves got her bachelor’s degree in Arts and communication. She joined a training class for being an air hostess and started her carrier quickly after that.

Beautiful Jacelyn Reeves in black outfit

Flight Attendant, Jacelyn Reeves.

Relationship with Clint Eastwood

In the mid-1980s, the two first met on Hog’s Breath Inn. Jacelyn went to the restaurant owned by Clint with her friend. Back then, Clint was already a successful actor and married to Maggie Eastwood.

Despite being married, Clint asked Jacelyn out and they dated for five years. Later, he was separated from Maggie in 1984. While Jacelyn excepted him to be committed after the divorce, Clint was found to be dating Sondra Locke and Roxanne Tunis at the same time.

Clint’s mistress Reeves also gave birth to two children and parted away in the 1990s. Although the reason for the breakup is unknown, they might have parted because of Clint’s lack of commitment and dishonestly. Some people also say that they parted after Clint became the Mayor of Carmel.

After the breakup, Jacelyn wanted to live her life in private. So, she moved to Hawaii with her children and raised them alone. Scott and Kathryn’s birth certificate mentions ‘father declined.’ Reeves alone managed to raised her children with good education and guided them with good values. Clint was also affectionate with the kids and helped with their schooling.

Jacelyn Reeves with her ex-boyfriend, Clint Eastwood

Jacelyn Reeves and her Ex-Boyfriend, Clint Eastwood.

Jacelyn Reeves’s Son Scott Eastwood and Daughter Kathryn Eastwood

Clint and Reeves’ son Scott was born in the year 1986 in Carmel. Following his dad’s footsteps, Scott soon got his fame in Hollywood. His works in You Got Served and The American Crime has been loved. The other shows are The Lion of Judah and Player 5150, Pride, etc.

In his mid-30s, Scott is already a millionaire (net worth $10 million) with years of successful carrier. This popular model is having a hard time dating again after his girlfriend died in a car accident. Scott is not married yet.

Jacelyn Yonger’s daughter Kathryn was born in 1988. She also grew up to be the face of the American film industry. Kathryn was initially loved for shows like Jersey Boys, and House Slave. Later, her fame rose with an excellent performance in Virus of the Dead. Reeves’s younger daughter has managed to make more than half a million from her carrier.

Jacelyn Reeves and Clint Eastwood with their kids

Jacelyn Reeves and Clint Eastwood and their children, Scott and Kathryn.

Is Jacelyn Reeves Married to a Husband?

Jacelyn never got the respect and attention she seeks from Clint. Thankfully, she later found her love in Private Bell. Jacelyn and Private got secretly married and lived their lives happily. Sadly, the happiness lasts for a short time and Reeves started to feel that her marriage was a burden. They called it quits before Reeves filed a divorce.

After the divorce, Reeves didn’t find any guy she could trust. No further details of Jacelyn’s death have been known to the media after that.

Where is Jacelyn Reeves today?

Jacelyn Reeves now lives her quiet life with her children. Since she stays away from the media, Reeves’s address is a mystery. We saw Reeves in San Diego while her son Scott was celebrating his 30th birthday. After that, her whereabouts are unknown.

Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth and Height

This 5ft 5-inch beautiful lady, Jacelyn, looks very attractive even in her 70s. With captivating blue eyes, she looks way younger than her age. Reeves has very beautiful light brown hair.

Jacelyn has been avoiding public attention after her breakup with Clint. She is not found on any social media platform. Reeves might be leading a luxurious life with her children.

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