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Is Jack McBrayer Married to a Wife, or Is He Gay?

Image of American comedian Jack McBrayer

American comedian Jack McBrayer charms everyone around him. With the never-ending friendly smile on his face, this actor makes NBC’s Sitcom, 30 Rock, a major hit. We have loved all of his movies and show. But do we really know Jack McBrayer in real life? Let’s find out if Jack McBrayer has a wife.

Is Jack McBrayer Married or Dating a Girlfriend?

The dating life of Jack McBrayer is among the biggest secrets of the 21st Century. For more than a decade, he hasn’t been seen with anyone, neither a woman nor a man. His social media pages are equally mysterious, with no picture whatsoever. All we can say is that Jack McBrayer might be totally single and does not have a wife, or he has managed to hide it perfectly.

For now, we can say that Jack is amongst the most appealing bachelor in America. This 5 feet 10 inches handsome hulk of 73 kgs with brown eyes and brown hair looks very stunning. His smiling face and witty comment are always a big plus.

Is Jack McBrayer Gay?

The fact is, Jack McBrayer has never talked about his relationship or sexuality in public. People have never seen or heard McBrayer’s engagement with any male. But since Jack is very secretive about his relationship, people assumed that he is gay. Even his closest colleagues have no information about Jack’s dating life.

The lack of interest in dating might suggest that Jack is asexual by nature. But the question is, is it fair to assume a person’s sexuality just because he has never revealed his partner? It might just be a big secret.

Jack McBrayer Net Worth

Jack McBrayer has been in the film industry for more than two decades. Over this time, he has done many TV shows, children’s cartoons, films, and videos. From all these roles, he has made a net worth of about $6 million.

In 2011, he bought a huge mansion of a 2,594 square feet area in the prime heart of LA. But he sold the house two years later for $2 million. He now lives in California.

Image of popular American comedian Jack McBrayer
A popular American comedian, Jack McBrayer.


Currently, 46, Jack McBrayer was born in Conyers, Georgia. After graduating from the University of Evansville, he began his carrier as an actor. In 1995, he worked at Second City and iO Theatre for seven years. This is where Jack found Tina Fey, the face behind the 30 Rock. Four years later, he was already nominated for Emmy awards for his role in the famous Sitcom.

Soon, McBrayer rose to fame, being featured with Mariah Carey’s and many popular actors. His role in the Yo, Gabba Gabba! is loved by the children. And then there’s Peach Guy in The Simpsons and more.

Meanwhile, Jack is set to host a new kids series at Apple called Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show.

Jack McBrayer likes to keep his life a mystery. He does not have an account on any social media, either Facebook or Twitter. Further, he does not enjoy personal questions in the interview. His fans are still waiting for Jack to reveal these secrets to the world.

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