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Jahira Dar (Cesar Millan Wife-To-Be) Age, Net Worth, and Bio

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Famous actress from the Dominican Republic, Jahira Dar

Jahira Dar is a famous actress from the Dominican Republic. Likewise, she is also an experienced stylist and a wardrobe consultant. Other than that, Jahira is famous for being engaged to Cesar Millan. Learn more about this versatile personality. The review below discusses her net worth, age, and Bio.

Jahira Dar Age and Biography

The Dominican actress saw her first daylight on the 1st of February in 1985. Thus, as of 2021, Jahira Dar is 36 years of age. Her birthplace is Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Nothing about her parents’ detail is available in the media. However, we can tell you that her father worked as a bus driver in their hometown. Likewise, her mother was a nurse.

Other than this, there is no further information about her siblings and early life.

Jahira Dar only gained her fame after she associated her name with Cesar Millan.

However, Jahira was into acting from a very early age. She was a part of several school plays, being a member of the drama club. Jahira Dar went to the Carol Morgan School of Santa Domingo.

Net Worth and Salary

Being an actress and a stylist, no wonder she earns a pretty decent sum. As of 2021, Jahira Dar is worth $1 million.

Jahira Dar Career

Speaking of her profession, Jahira Dar was an excellent stylist and consultant. Jahira dreamt of working in the entertainment industry since her childhood. Unfortunately, she could not make it to the industry as she wanted. However, Jahira saw her dream come true when she met her now-fiancé, Cesar Millan.

She left her then profession after meeting Cesar Millan, and they both worked as a salesperson for quite a time. Then she thought of giving acting a try, considering her passion for styling and glamour. Cesar Millan: The Real Story was her debut documentary. She portrayed Cesar’s girlfriend in the documentary, which came out in 2012.

As of now, Jahira Dar serves as the creative director of Cesar’s Way Inc. Similarly; she also helps Cesar Millan to run his company.

Jahira Dar is Currently Engaged to Cesar Millan

Jahira Dar and Cesar Millan are dating since 2010. The couple dated for 6 long years until Cesar finally popped the question in March 2016. Cesar decided to propose Jahira when they were enjoying their holiday in Greece. Jahira could not deny the proposal. The couple is engaged since then. Jahira Dar received a shiny diamond ring that looks absolutely gorgeous on her left hand as a gift.

Jahira brought forward this news to her fans through her Instagram. A picture of Cesar kissing her hand, showcasing the magnificent engagement ring, gave her fans a clue.

Although it’s been 5 years since their engagement, they haven’t talked about their marriage yet. We can only guess that the couple is planning their marriage soon. It might be because of the ongoing pandemic that the duo has kept their wedding aside. As of now, the couple resides in San Fernando Valley in LA, California.

Jahira Dar with her fiance, Caesar Milan

Famous actress Jahira Dar with her fiance, Caesar Milan

Fiance Cesar Previous Marriage and Suicide Attempt

Cesar’s marriage with Jahira, however, is not his first one. Cesar was previously married to a woman named Ilusion Millan. She was an American TV producer. The ex-couple married in 1994. Unfortunately, the couple had to part ways in 2010.

Cesar and Ilusion share two children. They are Andre, who was born in the year 1995, and Calvin, in 2001. The initial file for divorce came from Ilusion in June 2010. She asked the court for custody of their children and support from her ex-husband with some compensation. Ilusion won the legal battle, and as of now, the sons are living with their mother.

Sources report that Cesar once attempted to commit suicide as Ilusion was continuously torturing him for divorce. On the other hand, his dear dog, Daddy, died too at the same time. No wonder being a dog lover, he went through a huge trauma.

Finally, the divorce was settled on April 21, 2012, with a once and for all payment of $400,000, monthly support of $30k, with an extra $10k for child support.

However, the children are still close to both parents. Cesar and Ilusion agreed on co-parenting them.

Fiance Cesar Millan

On August 27, 1969, Cesar Millan saw his first daylight in Sinaloa, Mexico. He is the son of Maria Teresa Favela and Felipe Millan Guillen. Both his parents are excellent farmers as they have been farming for generations.

Cesar Millan is an avid dog lover and is also a dog trainer by profession. His love for dogs began at a young age as he was surrounded by animals on his farm.

His early life suggests that he crossed the US border illegally when he was 21. He just had $100 with him, nothing more- not even a single knowledge of the English language. With the threat of being beaten and killed, he would often let US police arrest him, as they treated prisoners with care and even gave them some food, unlike the Mexican police at the border.

Cesar first worked as a dog groomer in LA, California. Later, he got a job as a limo driver. On the course, he learned English, created Dog Psychology Center and Pacific Point Canine Academy. He slowly saw himself marching towards his dream when his show Dog Whisperer aired in MPH Entertainment, Inc. in 2004.

Jahira Dar's fiance, Caesar Milan

A professional dog trainer, Caesar Milan

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Jahira Dar stands at 1.68 meters tall. She has a bodyweight of 47 kilograms.

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