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Jan Tarrant (Al Pacino First Wife) Age, Daughter Julie Pacino and Biography 

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Jan Tarrant and her Ex-husband, AI Pacino

Have you watched the movie, The Godfather? If yes, you will agree that it is one of the most iconic movies to this date. The role of Michael Corleone, performed by the legendary actor Al Pacino is one of the most remarkable casts of this film. This article follows Al Pacino’s first wife, Jan Tarrant. She is an acting coach and a creative writing instructor. She later gained fame as the wife of Al Pacino. If you are overwhelmed to know more about this remarkable woman, follow this article till the end.

Jan Tarrant Age and Biography

Jan Tarrant is a beautiful lady. Her exact DOB is unknown to this date. However, she was born around the middle of the 1950s on 25th November in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Her parents fostered Jan along with her brother, Andy. Still, she has not revealed any information regarding her parents’ names and her childhood life.

Tarrant attended High School in Baton Rouge in 1972. After that, she continued her higher education at Louisiana State University. Jan is a bachelor’s degree holder in Creative Writing in 1976. Her family belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Jan Tarrant Relationship with Al Pacino

Jan was in a relationship with the famous academy award winner Al Pacino. They initiated dating in 1999 as both of them inclined towards each other during this time. At that time, she was the acting coach of Al Pacino. Many people and media even considered that Jan and Al Pacino were married, but they never exchanged the ring of marriage.

Jan Tarrant looking gorgeous with his ex-husband, AI Pacino
The legendary actor Al Pacino and his first wife, Jan Tarrant.

Later, they separated from each other and began to live separately. Their relation sustained just for a year. Al Pacino left her after finding her to be pregnant. Jan later gave birth to Julie Marie, their only child, on 16th October 1989. Julie grew up in New York, and even Al Pacino supported her in the care of Julie. After that, Jan left her career as an acting coach and initiated teaching.

Daughter, Julie Pacino

Julie Pacino was born on 16th October 1989 in New York City. Like her father, Julie is a film director and producer. She is highly noted for her films like Abracadabra (2010), later featured in Cannes Film Festival. Inspiration from her mother Jan and the movie of her father inspired Julie to pursue this career. Julie has directed and worked on more than 20 films. Julie also wrote the script of some of them.

Currently, Jan Tarrant’s daughter owns Poverty Row Entertainment and Tiny Apple. Tiny apple made mainly short films.

At 21, Pacino’s daughter was arrested by NYC Police under driving under the influence. After Al Pacino found that, he left the shoot in Los Angeles and headed towards New York to be with his daughter. Later, she admitted her engagement. Julie’s license was suspended for three months, and after that, she again got engaged in creating films after everything got settled. This event also reveals the close and deep relationship between father and daughter.

Julie Pacino, daughter of Jan Tarrant and AI Pacino
A film director and producer, Julie Pacino.

Al Pacino is always there in time to support his daughter, who is leading his legacy in the film industry. After the arrest incident, she propelled herself forward and is now heading ahead to be a successful film director. She is in her thirties and has a lot to do to achieve this achievement.

Ex-Boyfriend, Al Pacino

Al Pacino is a professional film actor and filmmaker born on 25th April 1940 in the USA. His parents are of Italian descent. He aimed to be a baseball player in his early life but later turned his interest towards pursuing acting as a career.

Jan’s ex-boyfriend initiated his acting career from the theatre. Today, he is considered to be the most famous icon in the film industry. He is among the few actors to win the Academy Award, Triple Crown of Acting, Emmy, and Tony Award.

Al Pachino is renowned worldwide for his role in many films like The Godfather (1972) and Scarface (1983). He has earned a huge fan following across the globe through his movies. Serpico (1973), Heat (1995), Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), The Irishman (2019) are his other films. He has generated massive revenue from these films. The total revenue in 2021 is around 120 million dollars.

Jan Tarrant Career and Net Worth

After Jan completed her graduation from Louisiana State University, she shifted to New York State in 1986. There, Jan initiated to conduct seminars and courses for young aspiring authors and performers.

Jan then worked for Actor’s Studio’s West Hollywood branch as Production Manager. There, Jan got a golden opportunity to work under Lee Strasburg, a polish-born theater professional, and a fantastic actor and director. For the next three decades, she became the best team with members like Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel, and Drew Barrymore.

Later, Jan also got a chance to work as acting coach of Al Pacino, one of the greatest Hollywood actors of all time. She is also the acting instructor of now world-renowned actress Angelina Jolie. So, she has set herself apart from all her counterparts by her overwhelming career. Jan’s annual income as an acting coach is around 70 thousand dollars per year. Till today, she has accumulated the worth of about 5 million dollars.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Jan Tarrant is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs 55 kg. She looks lovely in blonde hair and brown eye. Jan’s body measurement of chest, waist, and hip is 34,26, and 35 inches, respectively. She wore a bra size of 33. Till today, she looks young and fit. Her regular workouts also maintained her body figure. She wore a shoe size of 6 (US).

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