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Jarrod Schulz Net Worth and Age. About Brandi Passante and New Girlfriend

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Image of Jarrod Schulz

Jarrod Schulz, a famous American face of the reality show ‘Storage Wars,’ got involved in a legal case. His wife Brandi Passante filed those charges against her ex-husband for domestic violence. Brandi claimed that Jarrod roughed up after their argument on the 30th of April, 2021. His wife is a co-star of the same TV show.

Let’s know about their life in detail.

Who is Storage Wars’ Jarrod Schulz? Bio

Jarrod Schultz is now an American reality TV star known for his work on the A&E reality series. He gained fame along with his lady love and business partner.

Jarrod started working at a mortgage business in this 20s, but the business failed in the mid-2000s. After a long break, he started working in a storage facility for his aunty. Then, he opened a storage auction of his own with zero knowledge. His thrift store “Now” was located in Orange County for some time.

In 2010, Jarrod again changed the path of his carrier after he meets Brandi in the shop. He worked with “Storage Wars,” which came on TV in December 2010. The couple went strong on the show, where they showed some real-life content. After this reality show got hit, he opened a second store. This stored was located in Long Beach, California, until 2014.

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth

Schulz is an entrepreneur and a reality show star. Jarrod and Brandi also won a Second-Hand Store and made their wealth together. Currently, Jarrod earns his money as the owner of Rush Bar and Grill, where he lives with his girlfriend, Rochel Beckman. Schulz has earned a net worth above $2 million from different works in TV and real life.

Jarrod Schulz smiling in white t-shirt
American reality TV star, Jarrod Schulz

How old is he? Age and Birthdate

Born in the year of 1977, Jarrod Schulz is now 44 years old. Jarrod’s birthday falls on the 15th of October in California, United States.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante Relationship

“I’m not with Jarrod anymore,” Brandi finally opened about his divorce on the premiere of season 13. So, what really happened?

Jarrod and Brandi were the first ones to start the “Storage Wars” in 2002s. The two first met when Jarrod was in the lowest of his life, working at a carpet cleaning company. They dated for a long time, giving birth to two kids. Cameron, 2003 and Payton, 2005 are now grownups going to their high school. Even after many years of relationship, they were actually never married.

The longtime work and home partner Brandi and Jarrod broke up in 2018. Brandi got sole custody of their kids and moved away from her husband. Brandi said she could never have her own identity for a long time and now wants to live her life with the flow.

In less than a year, Jarrod started going out with Rochel Beckman.

Jarrod Schulz with his Ex-wife brandi
American reality TV star, and his Ex-wife, Brandi Passante

Jarrod Schulz dating a new girlfriend, Rochel Beckman

After the break-up with co-star and longtime girlfriend, Brandi now lives with Rochel Beckman in Long Beach. The two have been dating since 2019.

Beckman opened about her relationship on Instagram when she wrote, “It’s crazy that life can be so happy when you find someone who apricates and cares for you the way you always wanted.”

Jarrod’s social media is also full of Schulz’s selfies. They even went to Disneyland together.

So, who is Rochel’s Beckman? Originally from El Toro, Rochel when to Concordia University Irvine. These 43 years old 5 feet 5 inches lady works in a restaurant. She weighs 55 kgs and looks beautiful in her dark eyes and black hair.

Jarrod Schulz looking happy with his current girlfriend rochel
Famous American face of the reality show ‘Storage Wars’, Jarrod Schulz, and his girlfriend, Rochel Beckman

He was arrested for domestic violence.

In 1997, Jarrod was arrested for felony possession. After 16 months in prison, he finally got out. But Jarrod has again been charged for domestic violence by his ex-partner Brandi. While arguing in Orange County, he misbehaved with his ex-wife. Since the court has banned Jarrod out-of-custody misdemeanors, he was involved in the legal issue.

Jarrod has declined the claim and continues to work in the series. Although, he might be hearing from the court in a short time.

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