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Jasmine Ellis (Comedian) Age and Wiki-Biography

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Image of a notable stand-up comedian, Jasmine Ellis

Jasmine Ellis is one ambitious African-American woman who has been pursuing her stand-up comedy career since 2013. She is currently working as a full-time comedian to make us laugh. Known for her great sense of humor and energy, she has wholeheartedly embraced her journey to put smiles on people’s faces. Hence, let’s get to know about the lady in detail as we will mention her age and bio details.

Who is Jasmine Ellis?

If you’re still unaware of Jasmine, then we want to introduce her to you as a notable stand-up comedian. Besides being a comedian, she is also a journalist who works for the entertainment sector and a podcaster. She is a native of Dallas, Texas, United States, so she might have been born there. She is an aspiring talent in the comedy sector of the United States, and her journey goes a long way in the future.

Hence, very little about her is published in the mainstream media. But we’re sure she’s going to hit the headlines in days to come if she puts the same amount of energy in her career. Jasmine tours colleges and universities clubs and have participated in more than 12 famous comedy festivals happening in the United States. She was also a performing member at the comedy festival Moontower, which Netflix sponsored.

Jasmine Loves to do Comedy.

Even though Jasmine has several accolades to her name, she wants herself to be best known as a stand-up comedian. As we said, she does several tours and shows off her comic skills out in a group of people who genuinely admire her talent. But have you ever wondered what led her to follow the path of this career? Like many others, Jasmine was clueless about the right direction in her life after her graduation. She used to work in a retail shop, but deep down did not love working there.

In the meantime, one of her friends who was pursuing her career in stand-up comedy reached out to her. She encouraged Ellis to try out the comedy career as she had some in-born talent to make people laugh, which might be challenging for many of us. Luckily, she took her words and decided to pursue her career in this path. Hence, she gave her debut performance in December 2013.

Following the success, the lady now hosts a show, Been Living Color. It is basically a show that creates a better place for comedians to perform and build relationships with audiences. Moreover, she mentions that her love for stand-up comedy grew as she is a very outgoing person and loves to connect with people, and this profession lets her do that. It provides her a platform where she can liberally pour out her thoughts and opinions about many things.

Jasmin Ellis Loves to do Comedy

Jasmine Ellis is a married Woman.

Besides her role as a stand-up comedian, she also has a more significant role in her real-life: a wife. Jasmine is married to a guy named Alex. However, we lack other details about her husband. Both of them are not so vocal about their relationship. We just came to crack this information as Jasmine happened to post some pictures of her husband on her Instagram.

On March 23, 2021, she posted her husband’s picture where everybody wished him a happy birthday, so we know that he celebrates his birthday on this day. Details regarding when are where did they marry under the veil. Whatsoever, we can see fantastic chemistry between the two, and may we get to see this forever.

Jasmine Ellis Age and Parents

So far as we’re concerned about the comedian’s age, she has not revealed it yet. However, we came to know that she celebrates her birthday on March 5 every year, as she posted her birthday pictures on March 5, 2016, on her Instagram handle.

Furthermore, about her parents, we know that she came from a modest family. Also, being a responsible daughter, she worked in a retail shop to support her family financially while her father was sick and her mother lost her job. Besides this, their identities have not been disclosed.

Social Media Activities

The comedian is on Instagram with more than 65.4K followers and has an account under username jasmineelliscomedy. She posts her funny TikTok videos, her show’s promotional pictures, and video on the platform. However, she also posts about her husband and father time and again. We could once see her posting a photo of her dad on his birthday with a very long caption. Apart from Instagram, you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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