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Jay Shetty Wife Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, Wedding, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio

Image of Jay Shetty and his wife Radhi Devlukia-Shetty

Born and brought up in England on 30th July 1990, Radhi Devlukia belongs to the Indian ethnicity. Though because of her unrealistic look for an Indian, especially her moss green eyes, make everyone give a second thought to her nationality.

Radhi is an Instagram star having over 1 million followers and a plant-based dietician. However, one of the major reasons that have attained her worldwide fame is that Radhi is the wife of a significant social media personality, Jay Shetty. Likewise, Jay Shetty is the most preferred content creator and a brilliant motivational speaker. As of now, Jay Shetty has more than 30 million followers worldwide on his social media with an astounding 4 billion views across all social platforms.

The powerhouse couple has helped billions of people to be well aware of life purposes. They also help people grow and become mentally strong, moreover helping people to have strong relationships. Please find out more details about her net worth, marital status with Jay Shetty, and wiki.


This terrific internet personality, however, had a very tough life while growing up. Radhi became a subject of bullying because of her chubby physique. Her colleagues bullied her constantly.

This made Radhi think about her body. She was able to lose a significant amount of weight with the help of yoga. Furthermore, she started meditating too.

The much bigger effect bullying did on her was she started to fit as per other’s expectations. Radhi never lived life on her own thinking that she would disappoint others because of her life decisions. A thought of ‘what others might think’ continuously bothered her.

However, with the touch of meditation and spirituality, she regained her self-confidence, and her self-love grew up to extreme limits.

Image of Jay Shetty Wife, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty
The internet star Radhi Devlukia-Shetty has an avid dedication to mediation and yoga.

Her Education and Career

Sooner after completing her education, Radhi started working as a plant-based dietitian at Watford General hospital, Hertfordshire, England and developed a keen interest in Ayurveda. She is experimental in cooking, too, and loves to experiment with new recipes.

Radhi’s mother has a huge influence on her which led her to learn about food and nutrition.

She is an avid animal lover too. Another popularly known fact about her is that she is quite spiritual and is an ardent follower of Radhanath Swami. She wants to spread love and positivity around the world with her spiritual knowledge gained over time.

Her Personality

Being a typical Leo woman, she has a very charming and lively personality full of energy to motivate herself and take charge of the world. She supports her life principles fiercely and puts the top of her goals of all. Certainly, because of all these traits, she is the person that she is at the very moment and being able to light up everyone’s path, which looks up to her.

Image of social influencer, Radhi Devlukia Shetty
Enthusiastic and charming Radhi Devlukia Shetty living and enjoying her life at best.

How Did She Get to Know Jay Shetty?

It was Radhi’s mother who first introduced Jay to Radhi. Jay has a very charming personality which no one can unlike. Similarly, Jay had the same impression on Radhi’s mother. She liked Jay since the beginning. Moreover, Radhi’s mother gave Radhi’s contact to Jay so that he could begin a conversation with Radhi.

However, at that moment, Jay’s heart was in spirituality. Thus, he gave the number to his sister, maybe for her to make the contact, or for whatever reason, god knows! Radhi was completely in awe after she saw Jay Shetty and thought of possibilities to date him.

Radhi further contacted Jay’s sister about the situation. Similarly, Jay also started seeing the possibility of these two, dating.

Moreover, Jay was able to make a closer relationship with Radhi after he retired from the monks.

Her Marital Relationship With Jay Shetty

The beautiful couple tied their knot in 2016, keeping the ceremony a low profile with basic formalities. This couple is happily married ever since and advised everyone else understanding, communication, and commitment to be the major components of a successful relationship.

Image of Radhi Devlukia Shetty and Jay Shetty's wedding
The power couple, Radhi Devlukia Shetty and Jay Shetty, at their wedding ceremony.

However, it was after August 2019, more than three years from marriage, that the couple had their honeymoon. It was because of Jay’s busy daily routine. The couple, however, occasionally share pictures together on social media platforms.

Jay Shetty Net Worth

As of 2021, Jay Shetty has a net worth of $10 million. This famed personality makes a hefty sum from social media alone. With more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube, the channel was more than 200 million views in total.

To make it more clear, the channel helps Jay earn an approximate $1000 per day. That makes it $365,000 per year from YouTube alone.

Likewise, Jay earns a pretty decent sum from Instagram with 8.6 million followers.

Meanwhile, his wife, Radhi has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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