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Jaythan Bosch Age, Height, and Bio 

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Images of promising basketball player, Jaythan Bosch

Many teens nowadays are crazy about sports, and it’s a crucial part of their life. Among such teens, Jaythan Bosch is the one who got very popular playing basketball. He was unknown till 2017 before challenging the nationally renowned player, Julian Newman. Are you curious to more about Julian, his age, and height? Then, follow his story till the end.

Who is Jaythan Bosch?

Jaythan Bosch is one of the promising basketball players. After he challenged the nationally renowned player Julian Newman and fought a tough basketball match, he came into the public eye. Currently, Jaythan is playing for CP 25 basketball club as a point guard and a shooting guard.

He is also reading in high school. Bosch will soon launch a clothing brand, SilentKilla, that will sell basketball gear and various sportswear. He is an American by nationality and Christian by religion.

Jaythan Bosch Age and Parents

Jaythan was born on April 6, 2003, in Manchester City. Currently, he is just 18 years old. More details of the Bosch family are still a mystery. He also has a brother. Regarding his studies, he studied at Central High School of Manchester. He is now going to Downey Christian School and living in Machester of New Hampshire.

How tall is Jaythan Bosch? Height and Measurements

18 years old basketballer is 6 feet 1 inch (175 cm) tall and weighs 175 lbs. He is a teenager and is still growing. Jaythan’s height perfectly suits his career as a basketball player. He looks familiar in dark brown hair and brown eyes. No information regarding his other body measurements is known. Now, he wears a shoe size of 12.

Jaythan Bosch vs. Julian Newman

Julian Newman is a well-established professional basketball player. In the NEO Youth Elite Camp 2017, Julian has clashed with an underdog, Jaythan Bosch. Jaythan gave him the challenge to win a match against him. Jaythan, though he was lower-rated than Newman, won tremendous audience support for his quick moves, crossovers, and step-back threes. He is often quoted as The Quiet Assasin. Bosch was able to snatch the show and its vast audience towards him.

In 2018, around 300 basketball players from grades 3-11 took part in the same event. Then, Bosch re-challenged Newman for a match. This time, they attacked each other ferociously and carefully. This time, Newman made more points, but Bosch got another chance to impress the audience, win their hearts, and play with the nationally recognized player.

Jaythan Bosch with his competitor, Julian Newman
Jaythan Bosch and Julian Newman in a basketball court

Social Media Activities 

 Jaythan Bosch joined Twitter in January 2020. He has tweeted several posts and videos of his practice match. At present, he has made 744 posts and earned 709 followers. He also has an Instagram account in the name @jaythan6b but didn’t use it very often.

He had gained his fame very quickly due to the crash with a popular player. He is yet to prove the national team and play basketball for the Americans. Jaythan is investing all his energy in his basketball career. Let’s wait and watch how far this macho man goes.

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