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Jean Muggli (Michael Strahan ex-wife) Wiki Biography 

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Images of the former wife of American ex-football player, Jean Muggli

Jean Muggli is the former wife of American ex-football player and co-host of Good Morning America, Michael Strahan. Today, she owns her farm and is living in New York City. She came to the public attention after she got married to Michael. Their divorce got more attention as it’s regarded as the most expensive divorce of that time.

Do you want details about Jean Muggli and her divorce? Then, follow this article till the end.

Who is Jean Muggli? Biography

Jean Muggli is a manager of a cosmetic store and the former wife of Michael Strahan, an American football player.

Jean was born on November 3, 1965, in the North Dakota State of the USA. Anthony Muggli and Marry Muggli are her parents who raised her along with her siblings; Timmy, Denise, Scott, David, and Carolee. She is very close with her siblings to this date. She received her education in New York City.

Jean Muggli was married to Michael Strahan. 

Jean met with Michael at skin care-spa, where Jean used to work in 1994. Michael loved her at the very first sight and began to go there regularly. He had spent handsome money before strengthening the guts to ask her to go for a date. At first, she didn’t consider going on a date with a professional football player, but she found him unique from other athletes and accepted him later. They tied a knot of marriage after 5 years of dating in 1999. Their marriage went well for the first few years. The duo has delighted twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, they were in the year 2004. However, their relationship faded later on, and it ended in a fierce divorce in 2006. After a divorce, she went to North Carolina and set up a huge plantation farm there.

Jean Muggli with her ex-husband, Michael Strahan
A manager of a cosmetic store, Jean Muggli, and her Ex-husband, Michael Strahan

Divorce Settlement with her ex-husband Michael Strahan

 In the March of 2005, Jean accused Michael of extramarital affairs and physical exploitation. Michael’s physical violence in the past has caused permanent damage to one kidney of Jean. Michael’s anger as she withdrew 3.3 million dollars from their bank account is the cause. This matter eventually came to the court, and they divorced in 2006.

Jean got 15 million dollars out of Michael’s 22 million dollars and an additional 13,000 dollars every month to take care of her children. Their divorce got bigger attention than their marriage as the former athlete lost his huge sum of money and property. 

 Jean Muggli Ex-husband Michael marriage to Wanda Hutchins

Michael met Wanda in Germany in 1990 at the competition. She was the head of Strahan Global Outreach. This couple terminated their relationship into marriage in 1992. Together, they had Tanita and Michael Anthony. However, their marriage didn’t continue for a long time.

It might be due to misunderstandings between them later when they matured enough, and both seem to regret their early marriage. Finally, they got separated in 1996. Today, Wanda is living as a single woman and is running her own company, Wanda Home Designs. She has now been established as a prominent interior designer.

Jean Muggli twin daughters: Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan 

 Sophia and Isabella are the lovely twin daughters of Jean Muggli and the former football player Michael Strahan. They were born on 28 October 2004. They are interested in Instagram modeling and brand endorsement. Recently, they were seen promoting their father’s clothing brand “COLLECTION.” This duo has made an appearance in the show Good Morning America co-hosted by their father and in talk shows like Say That Slang.

They seem to be well accustomed to media and cameras. Along with their father, this duo has participated in many award ceremonies and other annual functions like the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Sports Award. They are active on social media like Instagram and have tens of thousands of followers. They regularly upload their photos and vlogs of traveling and their life and seem to be enjoying a lavish lifestyle. They often post the images of their pets like horses, cats, and dogs. They are great animal lovers too, and horse riding is one of their greatest hobbies.

It seems that they don’t only share their birthday, but also their hobbies, field of interest, and career. Even we can see them always together in their Instagram posts. To this date, there is an unbreakable bond between them. Apart from that, they also have a strong friendship with Jimmy Fallon and James Charles; both are Hollywood stars. They are equally near to both of their parents.

Jean Muggli's husband Michael with their twins daughters
Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan, daughters of Jean Muggli with their father, Michael Strahan

 Jean Muggli was arrested for criminal contempt

 On June 5, 2021, Jean was arrested by the New York City police for a criminal attempt. She was then taken into custody for disobeying protection orders in her ex-girlfriend Marianne Ayer’s house. Ayer incriminated Jean for huge robbery, ill manner, violent touching, and harassment. Further, Jean is accused of threatening Ayer holding the plastic gun as if it is real, and for misbehaving with her dog. Nothing is known regarding their relationship.

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