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Jenicka Lopez (Jenni Rivera Daughter) Net Worth, Age, Weight Loss

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Image of Jenicka Lopez

Jenicka Lopez is a reality television star and a YouTube sensation. Likewise, she is also a source of inspiration for many youngsters. Let’s get to know about Jenicka Lopez and her net worth.

Lopez started her career at an early age and is successful to become the role model of many people. Life is full of joy and sorrow. Success does not come along. Many struggles and hard work are mandatory for success, as it was for Jenicka. Rivera is one of the strongest and motivating women. Many films and TV series have featured in the name of her deceased mother, Jenni Rivera.

Who is Jenicka Lopez? Early Life

Jenicka Lopez is a famous and gorgeous reality television star. She is the daughter of amazing singer Jenni Rivera.  Jenicka is an American citizen with mixed ethnicity American-Mexican. She is sexually straight and is 23 years old.

Jenicka Priscilla Lopez was born in California, the USA on October 3, 1997. Her parents are Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera. Jenni Rivera was herself a brilliant singer.

Jenicka Lopez Net Worth and House

Jenicka Lopez has a net worth of around $2 million. Lopez bought herself a house in the December of 2019. The price of the house is unknown. Yet, we can assume that she has a pretty decent earning for a teenager to buy a house.

Her YouTube channel has 152k subscribers as of 2021. Lopez earns a decent sum from YouTube too as her average views is 100k.

Jenicka Lopez Age and Date of Birth

Lopez was born on 3Rrd October 1997. Jenicka is 23 years old. Libra is her birth sign. Her ethnic background is Mexican-American.

Jenicka Lopez Parents: Jenni Rivera and Juan Lopez

Jenni Rivera,  mother of Jenicka is no more with us. Sadly, she met with a plane crash in 2012 where she lost her life. Jenni was a teenager when she first married. She married Trino Marin. Later Jenni found out that Trino was cheating with her. Thus, they parted their ways. She married Juan Lopez in 1997. Two weeks after her marriage, her husband had imprisoned for six months on the allegation of smuggling illegal documentation of immigrants across the border for money.

Jenni was raped by two men when her man was in prison. They resumed their married life after Juan was set free. In 1997, they got Jenicka Lopez as their daughter. Here are some other shocking facts that came forward after her death.

Jenni was not satisfied with Juan. They were apart in 2003. The reason behind this was Juan’s affair with another woman. Jenicka’s parents separated when she was six, Likewise, her brother Johnny was just 2 years old then. Later, Jenn married  Esteban Loaiza, a basketball player as her third husband.

Parents of Jenicka Lopez
Reality television star, Jenicka parents, Jenni Rivera and Juan Lopez.

Jenicka Lopez Siblings

Jenicka has four siblings who were born from her mother but different fathers. Jenicka’s mother got married to 3 persons in her lifetime. She was married to Jose Marin and gave birth to her eldest daughter Janney Marin Rivera ‘Chiquis Rivera’. Chiquis is known for her singing ability and is a TV star. She is among the eyespot in Television personality. Jenicka received many awards in her career and has a huge fan following. She has accumulated USD 5 million as an actress.

Jacqie Campos is another sibling of Jenicka. She was born on November 20, 1989, with Trino Marin as her father. Campos moved into the footstep of Jenni Rivera, her mother. She is married to Mike Campos. Jacqie has four children, three from her husband and one from her ex-boyfriend Danny Yanez.

Johnny Lopez, the son of Jenni Rivera and second husband Juan Lopez is a singer and also an actor. His parents split up when Johnny was two years old. His sexuality is not straight and he might be gay.

Michael Marin is the last sibling of Jenicka. He is the eldest son of Jenni Rivera. Michael got into many legal troubles. He was arrested with different cases at different times. Michael was accused in the case of sexual abuse, vandalism, and criminal records.

Jenicka Lopez Weight Loss: Height, Weight, and Measurements

Jenicka Lopez wanted to follow a healthy lifestyle. With the motive of losing weight, she moved to the bandwagon and followed a healthy lifestyle. She posted every stage of transformation on her Instagram. Jenicka is happy with her figure now.

Stylish girl, Jenicka Lopez is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She weighs 72.1 kg. Her further body measurement is quite away from internet sources.

Jenicka Lopez looking chubby in black dress
Reality television star, Jenicka Lopez.

Jenicka Lopez Career

Jenicka Lopez stepped into her acting career in 2011. She acted in the show, I love Jenni, her family show. She got much popular with the public when she started to work in her modeling, entertainment, and acting industries.

Later Jenicka got a role in the series, The Riveras. Afterward, she was viral among the public. The series has filmed the professional and also the personal life of her mother Jenni Rivera. In a short time, the series became one of the most-watched TV programs of that time. Jenicka got much love and attention from her fans. In 2012, miss Lopez appeared in the series Chiquis n Control. This series presents the life history of Jenni Rivera. This show contains 50 episodes.

Lopez is fond of posting her photos on social media. She holds a youtube channel with 152k subscribers, 363k followers on Facebook, and 34.1k on Twitter.

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