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Jennifer McDaniel (Hulk Hogan Wife) Age and Biography 

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Images of Hulk Hogan's wife, Jennifer Mcdaniel

Hulk Hogan is a name well known among wrestling fans all over the world. Many people admired him for his significant contribution in the field of wrestling. Besides this, he is also known for his beautiful wife, Jennifer, a makeup artist and a fitness freak. Wanna know about this charming lady in detail? If yes, follow this article till the end!

Jennifer McDaniel Age and Height 

Jennifer McDaniel got her life on the 13th of May, 1974. Her exact place of birth is somewhere in the USA. No details regarding her family members, early life, and educational background. In the May of 2021, she has turned 47 years of age.

Wedding and Married life with Hulk Hogan

Jennifer McDaniel started dating Hulk Hogan in 2008, right after Hulk’s relationship with former wife Linda Claridge became cold. Both of them were passionate about the fitness of their body and were seen together in the gym. Even both of them were seen together in long trips and shopping complexes and attracted media and public attention. They upgraded their relationship to a more significant height with a marriage in 2010. Their marriage event took place among friends and relatives in the backyard of the Hulk’s home in Florida.

Their marriage event created a bit of a scene as one of his bodyguards was attacked by the photographer while trying to stop him from clicking the wedding photos. Even the police got involved in this case, but no one was arrested. People often suspect her of marrying 21 years older man for his fortune. But, that is not the reality. Both of them faced some twists in life. She remained by Hulk’s side even when his sex scandal with his friend’s wife, Heather Clem, went viral. The couple now resides in Beverly Hills and also in Tampa.

Jennifer McDaniel with her husband, Hulk Hogan

A makeup artist and a fitness freak, Jennifer McDaniel and her husband, Hulk Hogan

Husband Hulk Hogan was previously married to Linda Hogan

Hulk Hogan has already tied a knot of marriage with Linda Hogan in 1983. Linda Hogan is a TV personality. Linda met him with the help of her friends who worked at the restaurant in 1980. After they met, they got attracted to each other. Soon, they began to travel together. Telephone mainly helped to maintain their long-distance relationship for around two years. After that, they got engaged and finally wed in 1983. In their wedding, many legend wrestlers like Andre the Giant and Vince McMahon were present. This couple was blessed with a Brooke (babygirl) and Nick (son).

In 2005, Linda caught the public eye through Hogan Knows Best, the VH1 reality show. Both of them were together for around 24 years. Unfortunately, Linda filed a divorce in November of 2007 and, this couple was officially separated in July of 2009. After that, she has been working for wrestling institutions like AEW and TNA.

Jennifer McDaniel's husband, Hulk with his ex-wife, Linda

Jennifer McDaniel’s husband, Hulk Hogan, with his ex-wife, Linda Hogan

Jennifer McDaniel Career

Jennifer’s educational background and professional career have not been explored fully. She hasn’t opened much about her private life. Only a few things are known about her profession. As a makeup artist, she has worked for various films like “The Last Stand,” “Reconstruction,” and “Fright Night.” Moreover, she has been involved as a makeup artist in series such as “In Plain Sight,” “Crash,” “Comanche Moon,” and many more. Moreover, McDaniel loves her time in the gym.

Jennifer McDaniel Net Worth

Jennifer McDonnel mostly has earned from her career as a makeup artist. Her total worth is around 3 million dollars in 2021.

Husband Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan was born on the 11th of August, 1953, in Georgia, USA. He later became a really famous wrestler. Later, he got involved in baseball, but after an injury terminated his career. Hogan then joined the Ruckus band and started playing bass in several bars and pubs. There, his massive body caught the eye of Jack and Gerald Brisco, both of them were training for Championship Wrestling. They asked Hulk to join them in training, which he accepted. Then, he began to wrestle under the name “The Super Destroyer.” Due to his extensive body size, he later got the name Hulk. Hulk got recognition in wrestling after winning the debutant match against the renowned wrestler, Andre, the Giant. It was in the year 1984 that he won his first WWF championship title by defeating Iron Sheik.

He was also engaged in an acting career. In 1982, a cast in Rocky III initiated his career. A role followed his acting in movies like Super Nanny.

He was expelled from wrestling after he was found abusing drugs in 1990. But, he made a drastic comeback in 1996 as Hollywood Hogan.

He has contributed a lot in the wrestling world, and in turn, wrestling has made him famous around the globe. In addition, he is a twelve times world champion. The six-times timers of Heavyweight are definitely proud. In 2021, his total worth is assumed to be 25 million dollars.

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