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Jennifer Montana (Joe Montana Wife) Age, Net Worth and Bio Facts

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Image of Jennifer Montana

Former American model and philanthropist Jennifer Montana is a lady with a very successful career. But her real fame is linked to Joe Montana, a former quarterback from NFL. The couple has been hitched for the last 37 years and leads a happy life.

Jennifer recently got to the media highlight after tackling a intrude who tried to kidnap their grandchild. Do you what to know the whole story of the kidnapping? Also, know her age and net worth. Then read the full article.

Who Is Jennifer Montana?

The former actress Jennifer was initially seen in TV commercials for sports swimsuits. But her career as an actress started as Lisa in “Adventures with Kanga Roddy.” This TV series aired in 1998, making Jennifer very famous. She was also seen in shows as Hollywood Health Report.”

Currently, Mrs. Monata works as a jewelry designer and owns a company name Jennifer Montana Design.

How Old Is Jennifer Montana? Birthday and Early Life

Jennifer, now 63, was born in 1958 to a Roman Catholic family. Montana’s birthday falls on 7th July. She grew up in San Francisco with her Childers and later moved to California. Jennifer graduated high school and got a degree in Arts from the University of San Francisco.

Jennifer Montana smiling in golden hair
Former American model and philanthropist, Jennifer Montana.

Jennifer Montana Is Married to a Husband, Joe Montana

Jennifer and Joe had an exciting dating life. When Jennifer was assigned to work with Joe for the first time, she was unaware of his fame.

She asked her agent,

“Who’s Joe Montana?”

They worked closely on set, and Joe instantly felt the attraction. He asked her out for a date, and they spend six months enjoying their love. One night, they had just ended a dinner date when Joe wrote,

“What if I asked you for the rest of life?”

behind the check.

Back then, Jennifer was still young and didn’t consider marriage in such a short time. So, she didn’t have an answer. But Joe didn’t give up on her.

A few dates later, he hired a private plane with showed “Jen, will you marry me?” message. Jennifer couldn’t resist the charm, and they ended up getting married in 1994. Jennifer gave birth to her first child four years after the marriage.

Besides marriage to Jennifer, Joe had faced two failed marriages. He was married to Kim Moses for three years (1974-1977) and Cass Castillo for another three years (1981-1984). But when he found Jennifer, Joe has determined to make it last.

Jennifer Montana’s Daughter, Elizabeth Montana and Alexandra Montana

Jennifer’s eldest daughter Alexandra was born in 1985. Alexandra is a student of Law from Notre Dame University. After graduation in 2004, she worked as a professional Lawyer. Jennifer’s and Joey’s other daughter Elizabeth was born in 1986. This 5 feet 7 inches tall, beautiful lady had followed her mother’s path. Elizabeth, now 25, is a professional model.

Jennifer Montana with her husband joe in stadium
Former American model and philanthropist Jennifer Montana and her husband, Joe Montana.

Jennifer Montana Son, Nate Montana, and Nick Montana

Like father like son.

Jennifer’s son Nate and Nick followed his family’s legacy and grew up to be football quarterbacks. Nick, the youngest in the family, was born in 1992. He was a graduate of the University of Washington and a player for Tulane University. But Nick couldn’t make it to the NFL draft and thus retired from football out of frustration.

Jennifer’s other son Nathaniel Joseph Montana was born in the year 1989. Nate learned football after high school from a Fighting Irish Coach. He sharpened his quarterback skills from Notre Dome and moved to California to join Redshirt freshman. Jennifer’s son Nick eventually played for West Virginia Wesleyan College, making his father proud.

Jennifer Montana with her husband and children
Former American model Jennifer with her husband, Joe Montan, and children.

Net Worth and Income Sources

The current businesswoman and former model Jennifer is a financially independent woman. In her youth, Montana earned her money as an actress and commercial lady. Her current bank balance is about $10 Million US Dollars. Her husband Joe is himself a successful player with a net worth of about $80 million.

A couple of years ago, Jennifer and her husband brought a property worth $49 million. This 500-hector castle was built in 5 years. The main building area is surrounded by a lush lawn on all sides and shows utmost luxury. Unfortunately, the mansion in Napa Valley, California, dropped its price by 40%. Now, it’s listed for $29 million. Jennifer also owns some more apartments and cars.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

5 feet and 6 inches tall, Jennifer looks so young for her 60s. Her slim body weighs 52 kg. Jennifer’s body has a measurement of 36-30-40 inches. The grey eye and blonde hair make a markable identity of this marvelous lady.

Jennifer Montana Grandchild Kidnap Attempt

Most recently, Jennifer and Joe stopped a woman who attempted to kidnap their grandchild. Their 9-month-old grandchild was sleeping in a playpen when the women broke into the house. At around 5 p.m., Jennifer enters a room to see her grandchild in the hand of a stranger.

Jennifer tried to talk to the woman, but when she refused to give the baby, Jennifer wrangled the baby into her arms. Mrs. Montana was able to take the child before the kidnappers escaped securely.

The police later found that Sodsai Dalzell, 39, had tried to kidnap the baby for money. Thankfully, no one was harmed.

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