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Pete Hegseth Wife Jennifer Rauchet Bio, Age, Children, Wiki

Image of the executive producer of Fox Nation, Jennifer Rauchet

Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet is the executive producer of Fox Nation. She achieved further recognition after getting hooked with American Fox News host Pete Hegseth in 2019. Rauchet was in an affair with Pete since early 2017. Dive in to know more about her age, children, and wiki in this review.

Her Personal Life and Education

39-year-old Jennifer Cunningham celebrates her birthday on the 30th of Jan. Being an Aquarian, she has a high intellect and a curious mind that look for details. This had her with lots of achievements that lead Rauchet to bigger goals in her life.

Due to her being able to tap into the innermost desire, she took almost all decisions in her life following intuitions. With regard to her academic background, she completed her academic journey at Townsend University. There she received her bachelor’s degree in journalism, which she pursued later as her prime career.

Jennifer Rauchet Career

Taking a closer look at her career, she is into TV broadcasting for a very long time. Rauchet started as a producer for WPIX-TV back in April 2001 for over 5 years. She managed to get lots of experiences needed to thrive in entertainment and media, and finally left in the mid-2000s.

She made the smart move to Fox News, where she was drafted in to be one of the head honchos on the popular show, Fox and Friends.  Jennifer has spent the last decade and a half on the series.

Image of an executive producer, Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet
The well-known executive producer of Fox Nation, Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet.

Jennifer Rauchet Net Worth

Over the years, she has worked tremendously hard to be in the position she is today. She stood as an inspiration for all the accomplishments made by herself, irrespective of her relationship with Pete. Presently, Jennifer Rauchet’s net worth is $1 million. Studies show that she makes more than $110,000 as a top exec on Fox.

Her Marital Relationship with Pete Hegseth

Though, things were not that easy for them on the path of being into an ideal relationship, apparently which they are now. They both were into marital bonds prior to it.

Jennifer and Pete managed to create an overpowering buzz while they were dating. Pete was still married to his then-wife, Samantha then. During the same time, Jennifer became pregnant with Pete’s child in her womb.

Later, she gave birth to a baby girl named Gwen Hegseth, who was born two years prior to their marriage on August 17 of 2017. They tied their knot on Aug 23rd, 2019.

Image of Fox Nation's producer, Jennifer Rauchet with her family
Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet, with her husband and kids at her wedding.

At present, Jennifer has 7 kids. They were all born during her prior marriages. She is very close to her children. Moreover, she shares a great bond which is visible pictures they often share through social media.

Image of Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet with her kids and husband
A mother of seven kids, Jennifer Cunningham Ratchet and her husband, Pete Hegseth.

She never tried to let her husband’s status as a well-known celebrity overpower her. Jennifer stayed completely independent throughout her life, irrespective of all the income levels.

Their marriage itself left everyone amazed. Each one of them already had three children, each from their previous marital relationship. Their belief in themselves leads them to successful married life.

Image of Fox Nation's executiveproducer, Jennifer Rauchet and her husband
Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet, with her husband, Pete Hegseth.

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