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Jess Brolin (James Brolin son) Age, Net Worth and Biography

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Images of Jess Brolin

Jess Brolin is a child of Hollywood star James Brolin and the brother of reputed actor Josh Brolin. His life is not as luxurious as we think of being. Jess is homeless and has been found several times sleeping in the streets. What might be the reason? Look through the full article about him, his family, and their background.

Who is Jess Brolin? Early Life

Jess is the celebrity child of famed American actor James Brolin. Jess being a child of a famous and influential person, James, is homeless, and his life is quite exceptional that everyone thinks.

He grew up encircling by fame with the status of his parents. His early life is not much known. His mother left the world when he was 13 years old. Jess’s educational level is unclear and debated. Although his early days might have been pleasant, now he does not have a prosperous life.

How old is Jess Brolin? Age

His date of birth is out of reach from the public. Most probably, he was born in the year 1972. Jess is 48 years old.

What happened to Him?

Shortly after the passing away of Josh’s mother, he started living in California. He poured his inherited property lavishly. Afterward, Jess was alienated from his wealthy family. Jess then came into the street and started picking up garbages and living in the pickup truck. Seeing him in that situation, his family wanted him to help, but he refused.

Some pictures of him taking out garbages from the dustbin went viral in internet sources. These rumors of working as a cleaner were proven wrong after he started the incident. He clarified that he was just trying to take out a bottle that mistakenly was thrown into the dustbin.

He was reported with few health problems in 2018. Medical personnel recommended he take immediate treatment or he will be in danger. After the news, the further condition of his health is unknown as Brolin has not appeared in public. Whatever be the cause, Jess has the right to live freely, leading his private life. We hope to get the information about his well-being soon.

Jess Brolin taking out garbages from dustbin
Jess Brolin, the celebrity child of famed American actor James Brolin

His Career in Film Industry

Much of Jess Brolin is not know. Jess started working in the comedy and entertainment industry after the departure of his mother. He worked as a sound editor in some movies. Jess worked as a credited or uncredited post-production runner in the movies. He featured in entertaining roles in some films. He made his last contribution to the movie industry in the series ‘Sting of Black Scorpion.’

Net Worth

Brolin is a homeless person who worths five hundred thousand dollars. Although his holdings are only in thousands, his family has bountiful wealth.

Jess Brolin Parents and Family 

James Brolin and Jane Cameron Agee welcomed Jess as the younger son. His father, James Brolin, married three wives. James married actress Jane Cameron Agee as a first wife. Jess and his brother Josh were born in Cameron. In 1984, his parents divorced each other. Sadly, her mother passed away in 1995 in an accident.

Brolin married Jan Smithers in 1985 and welcomed baby girl Molly Elizabeth Brolin. After divorcing Smithers in 1995, James again started his marital life with Barbra Streisand. In 1998 the duo met her through a common friend. So, Jess has three siblings; his brother Josh Brolin, Step-brother Jason Gould, and half-sister Molly Elizabeth Brolin.

Jess Brolin Father James Brolin’s Net Worth and Wiki

James Brolin is the eldest son of Henry Bruderlin and Helen Sue Bruderlin. Brolin was attracted to animal toys and model airplanes. Brolin was born in 1940, James is 80 years old. His parents were the pillars of his acting career.

James Bruderlin became James Brolin when he was 20. In the film industry, he played in some .movies as a fellow actor. He started to appear in the lead role only aster 70s. Brolin was popular after he appeared as the principal character in the movie ‘West World.’ James worked as a character of a medical person on ‘Marcus Welby, MD.’

This series was a blockbuster at that time. The TV series became one of the top-ranking series. James Brolin has appeared in several hit movies as a supporting role. James puttered in the film ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and in the show ‘Life is Pieces.In 1970, James Brolin was awarded the Primetime Emmy award. AS a best-supporting actor, he won the title of Golden Globe award in1973. He was honored with the ‘Screen Actors Guild Award’ for his excellent character performance in the movie ‘Traffic.

Brolin has been the husband of three wives and father of four children. He is currently married to Barbra Streisand and lives with her in Ocean Beach House. James Brolin being a democrat and supported in the election 2004 for John Kelly. In 2008, James actively worked in the Presidential election of the USA for Hillary Clinton.

Being successful in the film industry, he has a net worth of 40 million USD.

Image of father of Jess Brolin
Famed American actor, James Brolin

His brother Josh Brolin

Josh, the elder brother of Jess, is a versatile actor. Josh was born on 12th February 1968 in Santa Monica. Parents of Josh got divorced when he was 16 years old. During those days, Josh was a drug addict. He also stole cars to buy drugs. Josh had a passion and keen interest for acting in the movie while he was in high school.

Josh is an American actor who has been successful in his acting career. He has presented both on Television and the big screen. James’s breakthrough came along with the movie ‘Flirting With disaster.’ Josh says that ‘change happens as we speak and it has a real impact. We have more power than we think that we have.’ Josh has a net worth of $45 Million.

Jess Brolin with his elder brother, Josh
Jess and his elder brother Josh

Height and Weight

Jess is tall and has a massive body. In many places, he faced bullying just because of his size. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Although Brolin did a lot to decrease his body weight, he failed. Jess weighs 188 kgs. He faces many awkward situations with his body.

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