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Jessica Aldean (Jason Aldean First Wife) Age, Net Worth

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Images of Jason Aldean first wife, Jessica Aldean

Media and internet sources try to look into the personal life and lifestyle of some people who try to stay away from the camera and attention of media. Mostly this happens to a person who is well known to the public. Not only a famous person but also their spouse and family members seek the attention of media.

In this article, we will talk about Jessica Aldean, the first wife of well-known singer Jason Aldean. Wanna know how their relation ended up? What are Jessica’s actual age and net worth? What about her kids and bio? Let’s get into the article for all those queries.

Jessica Aldean Age and Early life

 Jessica Aldean took her first breathe on earth in 1979, in Georgia, USA. Aldean throws her birthday party on October 18 every year. As of 2021, Aldean is 42 years old. Even though she is in her 40s, but her appearance is like of 20s. Most probably, she has gone through plastic surgery, but the rumor is not proven yet.

Jessica was born in her hometown, Georgia. She had a close intimacy with her family from a young age. Jessica’s parents are not identified in the internet sources. She might have got a luxurious lifestyle during her childhood. Jessica has not revealed anything about her parents in any interviews.

Looking at the details of Jessica’s birth, her birth sign is Libra. According to the astrologist, people who have a libra zodiac are determined towards their career and goals.

Talking about her education, Jessica joined a famous school in Georgia for her primary and high school education. Further information about her early days is hidden from the public eye as Jessica does not disclose anything about her private life and family background of her childhood.

Jessica Aldean Net Worth and Career

Jessica Aldean has an estimated sum net worth of $2 million. Jessica’s annual income is estimated to be $400k. Mostly, She collected her net worth as Finance manager of Jason Aldean, her ex-husband. Jessica was in the position of in charge of the music business of her ex-husband.

Jason is a renowned singer. In the career of Jessica, she helped the business of her husband in every step. In the music career of Jason, Jessica used to give him his opinion about the business deals.

Jessica Aldean is currently married to Jake Marlin

After Jessica got divorced from Jason, she tied a knot with Jake Marlin. The couple is in a loving relationship. This sweet couple bonded on October 17 in year 2015. at a private marriage ceremony in Florida. Jessica and Jake both have two childrens from their previous relationship.

Jessica Aldean was previously married to Jason Aldean

42 years old lady and the country music singer met for the first time at their high school in Georgia. At that time, Jason Aldean was known as “Jason Williams.” The love was together for more than a decade. They share their marital life for almost 12 years.

Jessica and Jason joined the same school for higher studies. In high school, their mutual friendship got into a loving relationship. Jessica, in one interview, said that before their marriage, they were best friends of each other, and Jason was precious in Jessica’s life. Jessica and Jason tied the knot at a private function on August 4 in the year 2001. The marriage ceremony was held in the USA in their bride and groom’s intimate wedding ceremony was born in the United States among their closest relatives and friends.

After their marriage, Jessica used to work as a finance manager of Jason’s music business. Sadly, their relationship came to an end after 12 years of their marriage. Jessica and Jason got a legal divorce on April 26, 2013. The main reason behind their separation was the unheeding character of Jason Aldean. It was rumored that Jason was having an affair with the American Idol contestant, Brittany Kerr.

Jessica Aldean with her ex-husband, Jason Aldean
Jessica Aldean and her ex-husband, Jason Aldean

Jessica Aldean Divorce with Jason Aldean

Many sad things happen in the ongoing relationship which can not be forgotten and forgiven. The same happened in the relationship of Jason and Jessica. Unfortunately, they came to the end of their love life. Jason was found cheating her wife, Jessica. He was seen kissing with a contestant of former American Idol, Brittany Kerr.

Jessica was furious with Jason Aldean. Though both Brittany and Jason apologized for the case, Jessica could not forgive them. Jason stated that he was over drunk, and that happened unconsciously. Lastly, Jessica filed for a divorce. Finally, Jessica and Jason got a legal divorce on April 26, 2013.

Jessica Aldean kids

Jessica and Jason tied a knot in the year 2001. Two years on Valentine’s day of 2013, the couple was blessed with their eldest daughter Keeley. The second child, namely Kendyl, was born in 2007. Keeley is interested in music like her dad, but her preference is more in rock and roll. She has also joined a guitar class.

Jessica aldean with her ex-husband and her kids
Jessica Aldean and her ex-husband, Jason Aldean, and their kids, Keeley and Kendyl

Ex-husband Jason Aldean 

Јаѕоn Аldеаn got into muѕісаl саrееr іn 1998. Since then, Jason begins to реrfоrm аnd wrіte hіѕ ѕоngѕ. Aldean’s songs and many writings were notable, and he had an opportunity to work with many renowned producers. In the year 2005, Jason rеlеаѕеd hіѕ аlbum. The very first album became a hit, and Jason gained popularity. Similarly, his second album was also blockbuster, but his third album remained away from favor. Аftеr few years, іn 2010, Јаѕоn publicized his 4th аlbum “Му Кіndа Раrtу.” The album “Му Кіndа Раrtу” was at the top list of the best selling album. After the release of this album, what well knew Jason in public.

Currently, Jason іѕ wоrkіng for the 8th аlbum. We are hoping to listen to his hit songs very soon.

Јаѕоn Аldon has greatly served for the muѕіс іnduѕtrу and has been awarded many times. Award-winning singer Jason has achieved various awards including, Тор Nеw Маlе Vосаlіѕt (2005), Аrtіѕt оf thе year 2011, Маlе Vосаlіѕt оf thе Yеаr 2013 аnd 2014, Еntеrtаіnеr оf thе уеаr 2016 аnd 2017. As of 2021, Jason has accumulated a net worth of 110 million USD.

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