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Jessica Samko From Shipping Wars Age, Now, and Wiki

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Shipping War's lady, Jessica Samko

Shipping Wars’ lady Jessica Samko is a reckless truck driver. This adventure enthusiast always looks to find new excitement and never gets tired of life on the road. But did you know that Jessica’s JMS Transport was made out of jealously with her ex-boyfriend? And now Samko is her own boss. Well, her life is interesting, and we will tell you how.

Who is Jessica Samko?

In the famous TV show Shipping Wars, Jessica Samko shines as the deadliest truck driver. She is known as the “Road Warrior.” In the show, Jessica proved that as a lady, she would do the deadliest and most diligent things a man can do. She became a model and inspiration for women all over the world.

Jessica Samko Age

Jessica turned 39 on June 1, 2020. Samko was born in Amsterdam, New York. She belongs to the birth constellation of Gemini. Jessica is the star of the TV series Shipping Wars and has American citizenship. Samko grew up with her sibling named Will Buczkowski.

Is Jessica Samko Married?

Yes, she is married; Jessica’s husband is Derek Smith. The two started as friends before dating each other. A couple of years later, Derek kneeled before Samko. Now, the husband and wife live together, happily riding a motorcycle in their free time and paying close attention to their three pugs.

Darek originally belongs to New York, where he grew up as a child. Jessica’s husband is also a knowledgeable truck driver. Similarly, Derek Smith is the owner of a truck company called JMS. Jessica rarely mentions her husband in the Shipping Wars program. Once, she said that Derek is very supportive of her in all her decisions.

Jessica has no children so far, but they are planning to have kids soon. The couple adopted three cute dogs: Bach, Pudge, and Caesar. Their dogs are now their family.

Jessica Samko smiling with her husband, Derek Smith

A reckless truck driver, Jessica Samko smiling and her husband, Derek Smith.

Jessica Samko Career

Before Jessica became famous as a truck driver, she had an unstable career doing nothing. She used to date a guy who constantly complained about her driver’s work and bragged about it. This angered Jessica and made her pay attention to driving the transport truck.

Finally, in 2012, when the Shipping Wars started as a reality show, she joined the team and started driving. This 170 cm brave lady in A&E reality started shooting on January 10 when they were working in the 6th season. In addition, the show began airing in April 2015 after seven seasons. The reality show reached the milestone of 100 episodes.

In a few years, Jessica got more and more popular as a driver. Jessica, in 2012, was nominated as the “Most Beautiful Overdrives” by the truck fan magazine Overdrive. In addition, she was honored with the nickname “Road Warrior.” The show featured actors like Roy Garber, Jennifer Brennan, and others. This was the best year of Jessica’s life.

What is Jessica Samko Doing Now?

Samko joined the reality show Shipping Wars in the sixth season. Her fantastic display of women’s power and abilities under challenging environments is impressive. Unfortunately, since the cancellation in 2015, this situation did not continue. This makes fans wonder where some of their favorite stars have gone, including Samko. Let’s find out.

Even after the show ended, she continued her truck business. According to her LinkedIn resume, Jessica is still a truck driver and likes to do it even today. So far, Jessica is driving a 2008 Volvo 780 truck. It is also related to companies like Landsat, which provides delivery services in North America. She is currently operating under the name of JMS Transport which is own by her husband. Samko lives in Jew Jersey with her beloved.

Jessica Samko Net Worth

Jessica Samko collected a lot of wealth in her career as a reality show celebrity. Her estimated income is approximately US$500,000 at the beginning of 2021. In addition, by season 7, she can earn about $1,000 per episode of A&E Shipping Wars. The show went up to 100 episodes; that’s a lot of money for Jessica.

Social Media Activity

Jessica is somewhat inactive on her social media account. However, she has managed to keep up to date with the changing digital world. Her Twitter has accumulated about 3,093 followers. Similarly, Samko’s photos and captions in the Facebook account are loved by her fans. But she is not active on Instagram. It looks like Jessica loves her life private.

Last Word

The so-called men’s world of “Truck driving” is now lead by the bold and brave lady. All thanks to this Samko girl. Jessica is a motivation to all the women who planned their carrier in the adventurous field. The world looks forward to more of Jessica’s wondrous works.

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