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Jill Diven (Brad Garrett former wife) Height, Age, Wikipedia

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Jill Diven with her ex-husband, Brad Garrett

We can witness many people getting in the limelight just for being related to a prominent celebrity. The same goes for celebrity wife, Jill Diven. She became instantly famous after tying her knot with a successful actor and comedian, Brad Garrett. Although the couple is not together anymore, their fans are quite curious about their whereabouts and other details. Hence, this article includes Jill’s age, height, and early life details that you would not want to miss.

Jill Diven Age, Height and Early life

Jill Diven has been raised to fame after being associated with the actor Brad Garrett. Before that, she was just a regular non-celebrity person like us. Brad’s wife, Jill, was reportedly born in 1967 and is currently 54 years old. Also, she stands at a great height of 5 feet 5 inches. Besides this, she hardly mentions her early life and parents, and it is also not documented in the media as she was not a public figure from her early days. We just know that she used to work as a waitress before marrying the actor.

Jill Diven was Married to Brad Garrett

Jill Diven and Brad Garret married each other in 1999. The actor shared that he met Jill for the first time when he was just out of his alcoholism. It had just been six months that he was walking the path of sobriety, and the two got along instantly and started dating. They two were in a series of relationships; hence, Jill moved into the actor’s new home in the Hollywood Hills just after two months of dating each other. The actor stated,

“Though it was odd for me to dive into something so quickly, I believe my sobriety amped up my fear of being alone.”

Furthermore, just after three months of their togetherness, Jill was pregnant with the actor’s child, and it was only then when they decided on their marriage. Brad stated that they rushed into marriage as they hoped they would acquire what they’d dreamed of and never really had: a family. The two then tied their wedding knots in a private ceremony with a minimal number of people. Woefully, the vows they took fell into pieces shortly after the fourth year. However, they hung up, tried to make things better, and finally got divorced after seven years of marriage in 2007. Both of them shortly believed that they were not mean to be with each other.

Jill Diven in Black dress with her ex- husband, Brat
The Famous actor Brat Garrett with his Ex-wife, Jill Diven

Jill Diven kids: Maxwell Bradley Garrett and Hope Violet Garrett.

The former couple shared two children from their marital relationship. They are now co-parenting their children named Maxwell Bradley Garrett and Hope Violet Garrett. Their firstborn is Maxwell, born in 1999, soon after their marriage, while their second child Hope was born in the year 2000. After their divorce, Jill won the custody of their children. However, both of them focus on being great co-parents at the moment.

Jill Diven with her Ex-husband, Brat and children
Actor Ex-spouse Jill Diven with her Ex-husband, Brat, and children

Husband Brad Garrett

While many of you might already know the actor Brad Garrett, who is also a famous comedian, voice actor, and poker player, he is a well-celebrated artist of Hollywood who can be best known for Everybody Loves Raymond, Christopher Robin, Ratatouille, and many more. The 61-year-old actor has altogether got 157 acting credits, according to his IMDb.

The comedian and actor initially started his career by appearing in several improvements in Los Angeles. He has appeared in The Improv in Hollywood, The Ice House inside Pasadena, and many more. Furthermore, he made an appearance on The Tonight Show when he was 23 years of age. In the show, he was placed as one of the youngest comedians of the show. The actor has won five Emmy awards for Everybody Loves Raymond. While you all might be guessing about how rich Brad is, we want to reveal his fortune to you. He has a whopping net worth of $60 million from his entire career from 1980 to the present.

Ex-husband Bard is currently Engaged to IsaBeall Quella.

Jill’s ex-husband Brad is now engaged with his fiancé, IsaBeall Quella. Moreover, the actor’s fans are going crazy over their fantastic chemistry. Just so you know, the actor is 25 years older than his fiancé, which makes IsaBeall 36 years at present. But we want to tell you that the couple has managed to develop a sturdy and robust relationship, regardless of their vast age difference.

To explain their love story, we have to go back to 2008, when they started dating each other. In fact, Brad went down on his knees to propose to his girl on December 27, 2015, in the Winston Churchill suite. The proposal was well-planned by the actor, and their favorite singer Marc Cohn also played their favorite song during the proposal. The couple might get married soon, but they haven’t revealed it yet.

Jill’s ex-husband Brad engaged with his fiancé named IsaBeall Quella
An actor, Brat Garrett, with his current fiance, IsaBeall Quella

Jill Diven Net Worth

As we know very little about Jill and her profession, tracking down her financial status is quite challenging. However, we are sure her net worth is somewhere around $2 million as she definitely owned some part of her husband’s property while divorcing. In fact, there are reports that she got $44,990 as spousal support and received $20,000 per month as child support.

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