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Joe Thomas Wife Annie Thomas. Net Worth, Age, Height

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Image of American football Player Joe Thomas

Famous American football player Joe Thomas is married to his long-time girlfriend/basketball player, Annie Thomas. The two met at Wisconsin University, got married very young, and are blessed with three beautiful children.

Consequently, as a working parent, the couple is a perfect team. Annie Thomas is currently an assistant coach at Cleveland State; meanwhile, Joe Thomas is making millions of dollars as a legal defense and tacker professional soccer player.

Joe Thomas is married to Annie Thomas. Meet his Kids

Joe Thomas is married to his college sweetheart, Annie Thomas. Like in a romantic rom-com, the young couple attended the same University(Wisconsin) but never knew about each other until they happened to be in the same room. She came in the training room for her ankle brace while Thomas was there chilling with his friends. Upon his first glance towards his future wife, he instantly dropped his jew for her beauty.

Image of American football Player Joe Thomas and wife
American football Player Joe Thomas and his wife, Annie Thomas

Throughout their college life, the pair stuck together like glue and had mutual respect for sports. They dated for a while and finally moved their love to the next step when they decided to get married. The couple had a lavish wedding with 350 visitors in 2013 at Madison, Wisconsin. A year later, they were busy changing the dirty diapers of their firstborn Logan. Now the couple has a small family of 5 with two girls and a baby boy.

Who is Joe Thomas Wife, Annie Thomas?

The dazzling 36 years old mother of 3, Annie, is a former basketball player and a skilled coach to the girl’s hoops team. She is following in her husband’s footsteps as she is already an assistant coach of Cleveland State. Many future record winners are being made under the hands of Annie Thomas. She is already climbing a successful staircase at her age and will have a long career as a national coach.

Similarly, Annie makes it look easy to balance her work and family life equally; she is seen in many games and carrying her kids simultaneously. Other than that, like any other protecting mother, she is very personal about her kids and family life.

Joe Thomas Net Worth and Salary

The American-born famous football player and one of the best offensive players, Joe Thomas, started his journey as a college team player mainly known for his tackle and defense technique. To date has played 11 professional leagues, which has made him one of the wealthiest football team player. The networth of Joe Thomas is believed to be half a billion, around $55 million.

How old is Joe Thomas? Body Measurements

The handsome hunk, Joe Thomas, will turn 37 this year in December 4, 1984. He is pretty tall at 6 feet 4 inches, and he weighs around 82kg. As a parent of 3, Thomas has entirely worked hard to maintain an ideal body and isn’t planning to have a dad body any time soon.

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