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Who is Joey Votto Wife/Girlfriend? Is he gay? His Net Worth, Parents, and House

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Image of a renowned Canadian baseball player, Joey Votto

Joey Votto, a Canadian baseball player for Cincinnati Red, has won the hearts of millions of baseball fans. We have celebrated many Major League Baseball games where Votto showed his exceptional talent. But while it’s a fact that Joey Votto is an excellent baseball player, is he capable of maintaining a stable relationship in real life? Let’s find out.

Is Joey Votto married or dating a girlfriend?

For the last five years, Joey has been posting pictures of his girlfriend, Jeanne Paulus. Paulus is herself a Canadian citizen who works as a dentist. The two seem to be together in every match and public show.

Image of a Canadian baseball player, Joey Votto and his girlfriend
A renowned Canadian baseball player, Joey Votto, his girlfriend, Jeanne Paulus

As per the rumors, they first started seeing each other after 2008. When Joey lost his father at the age of 52, he was in total shock. This was the time when he hooked up with Paulus and later asked her out. These were the darkest days in Joey’s carrier when he was banned from playing. Without Jeanne, he couldn’t have cope up with the death of his father. Since then, the lovely duo has been together.

Fans are expecting their favorite baseball player to announce his marriage soon.

Is Joey Votto Gay? Sexual Orientation.

A couple of years back, Joey faced a stress-related issue when he was officially listed as “Disable.” Sadly, this was the time when many baseless rumors about Joey hit the media. One of those rumors was Joey being gay. However, after the relationship with his girlfriend Jeanne Paulus, the words flew away. His sexual orientation is straight.

How old is Joey Votto? Early Life and Parents.

On September 10, 1983, Wendy Howell and Joseph Votto gave birth to a Virgo son Joey Votto. His mom used to work as a chief in a restaurant while his father, Joseph, was a cook. Growing up with three siblings, Tyler, Ryan, and Paul, Joey was very close to his father. Joey started playing baseball right from the school. In 1997, the attained Richview Collegiate Institute for a baseball program.

This 6 feet 2 inches tall, handsome guy with a well-built body is 37 years old as of June 2021. Currently, he weighs about 100 kg in his athletic body.

Net Worth and Income Sources.

Joey is one of the richest baseball players with a net worth of $110 million. As a player of Cincinnati Red, Votto receives an annual salary of $22 million. In addition, the player has collected almost $158 million from the games in 14 seasons.

Image of a Canadian baseball player, Joey Votto
A baseball player for Cincinnati Red, Joey Votto

His House.

The Cincinnati Red All-Star Joey has invested a considerable amount in the Property. He recently brought a house worth $10.5 million in Hermosa Beach. A three-story staircase over 3,826 square feet has the most refined interior. This lavish four-bedroom mansion has a fireplace, gym, garden, and pool.

We can say Joey lives a pretty luxurious life with his girlfriend.

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